| 18 Aug 2022
Gaana aims big with 'Sabke Mann Ka Gaana'

MUMBAI: Music streaming app Gaana has launched its latest marketing campaign titled ‘Sabke Mann ka Gaana’ to reiterate its strong presence and relevance amongst its consumers.

In the last few years, Gaana has done three aggressive brand campaigns -- ‘Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana’, ‘Dil Ka Gaana’ and ‘Gaana Paas Laye’. Out of these ‘Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana’ was a huge success.

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Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana:

Dil Ka Gaana:

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With the first campaign, Gaana built a category association through brand messaging which said ‘there is a song for every situation’. The second campaign focused on how music can help develop a lifelong bond saying ‘Music brings people closer’. Third campaign was more of how music can help bridge the gap between families and cultures.

The current campaign video shows how Gaana app changes the mood of a bawling baby into a happy and dancing one. The campaign will be massively advertised through print, radio, digital, and OOH. Moreover, it will highlight different use cases to support the narration ‘Sabke Mann ka Gaana’.

‘Sabke Manna Ka Gaana’ campaign is more mass because Gaana believes people in general express their state of mind and life by a song. They often associate memories, feeling or situations with music and therefore the current campaign truly celebrates human spirit of being different in their own unique ways. COO Prashan Agarwal tells us the thought behind the campaign. “We at Gaana believe that music cut across age, gender, social strata, culture, geography and help celebrate the life in its totality. Music has a power to turn around unpleasant situations, moods, emotions and most importantly music makes us feel good, and in the end, that’s worth a lot!”

Gaana as a brand has grown significantly in the domestic market, with 500 million monthly streams and an active base of 25 million customers. The streaming service offers vast repertoire of more than 10 crore songs across 22 languages.

Sabke Mann Ka Gaana: