| 21 Apr 2024
The Remix's USP is its innovation and experimentation: Vijay Subramaniam

Amazon Prime India released the trailer of their first Prime Original music reality show The Remix. The show judged by Sunidhi Chauhan, Nucleya and Amit Trivedi would premier on Amazon Prime video on 9 March. The show has already set high expectations with the trailer.

The audience would not only witness fusion of DJ’’s and singer duos in a battle but also judges who have merged from an array.  To learn more about The Remix we spoke to Amazon Prime Video India director, content Vijay Subramaniam. Excerpts.

How did The Remix germinate?

We realized the importance of having an un-scripted fiction show. We were keen on looking at themes that would resonate to young people. We know that our customers love reality, with that we were looking at themes that would set a strong core with the youth. We started off with music as we saw it’s soaring popularity and appeal. This gave us an opportunity to caste wide on it and connect with our customers. The format by Greymatter Entertainment was absolutely stunning, it’s actually a home-grown, concept which we created with an intensifying energy. Also, an amalgamation of various ambiance sounds makes the show unique. For the first time, we have bought a DJ and a singer together which turned out to great.

How will The Remix stand out amongst other music reality shows?

It’s USP is its innovation and experimentation. We would hear familiar sounds where people would creatively challenge themselves to create a refreshing new take on that sound. So, this demands a lot of creativity and experimentation with different instruments and music genres. Three distinguished judges from the field of music; Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi and Nucleya would be the judges on the show. They have been the ‘craftsman’ of the show.

The Remix would showcase fantastic set designs and great choreography acts.  I think when you take a tune which is already very popular, a similarity of the sound with the customer still pertains. So, you are challenging yourself to re-imagine that hopefully, you come up with a song that people would enjoy.

What is the target group?

We believe that the show will be very popular with the millennial’s as the music is set to go broad in its appeal. The ones that they are working on are popular hits from films. For our every show we make sure that it has a broader plea to our customers.  In terms of communication, our goal is to try and reach customers as much as possible.

In this current age, people are all into fusion and there is cross-over music happening everywhere. One can see a ‘rap and Bhangra’ coming together and the show truly is a blend of this.

What are your promotional strategies?

In terms of promotion just starting with the launch of the trailer you can get multimedia marketing, we do believe that it is a show that will have a lot of social attraction because of its music. It’s also popular music that is been re-imagined by a singer and a duo DJ that has never been done in the space of reality.

Have you collaborated with any music labels?

We have collaborated with T-Series who have been the repertoire of music in India. We have been great partners. They also have a ‘history of their hits’, so that’s very important for the route of the show. They are very enthusiastic as well because in turn it feeds back and creates more popularity and demand. Especially for original songs as it brings them back into the public memory.

Which multimedia platforms is Amazon targeting?

We will leverage heavily on social as the premise of the audience and the opportunity to engage with our consumers seems stronger through conversations on social. As our music tastes are diverse and people have different opinions on the same piece of music. While we have the trailer released now, we would have a multimedia marketing campaign.

How did the judges react to the concept of The Remix?

They loved the concept when we took it to them. We are humbled by the fact that they thought The Remix was an amazing show and this was something they knew they would like to do. They are accomplished musicians themselves and they knew how the show would shape into. The minute we got those vibes from them -- that they love the show -- it was easy to take The Remix ahead.

What are Amazon India’s future plans?

Our goal is to have ten originals this year. It’s our customer promise to see high quality, compelling, cinematic presentation and a variety. So, we had Breathe (Television series) in January and now we have The Remix. We also have a few announcements coming up.

Watch The Remix trailer here: