| 15 Apr 2024
The most significant feature of this app is its interactivity: Soumini Sridhara Paul

MUMBAI: In the ever-evolving mobile apps market, Artist Aloud's app is an inventive concept pioneered by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment. The company claims that it is India's only independent content app.

We got an opportunity to have a word with Hungama Digital Media vice president Soumini Sridhara Paul who shared the objective, implementation and exclusiveness of the app, that was launched on 11 September 2016.

“The key aim of the Artist Aloud app is to be an accessible platform for independent artistes to showcase their endowment and create visibility for themselves with the complete freedom of expression without restraint. It is an independent content platform for both, independent content creators and aficionados of independent music/content. The most significant feature of this app is its interactivity. We wanted to provide mainstream visibility to independent artists,” shared Paul.

The app promotes musicians, bands, singers, composers, instrumentalists, comedians, dancers, etc who produce commercial non-film content. It is a supportive app to help them distribute their unique content, enabling them to reach out to their fans. In addition to that, for music enthusiasts, it has a diverse library of audio, video content with an option to upload their own stuff as well.

Says Paul, “The artistes, producers, distributors can upload their original content and share it with the world while maintaining the copyrights. There is a collaborative feature which enables an artist to hook up with other artists and producers for projects, gigs and more. Also, there will be advertisements in a year down the line too. When it is free/easily accessible, more consumers will be coming to it. We were screening the app for the last six months before launching it. This is a generation of 4G, Wi-Fi and most of the consumers use mobile for surfing. To sustain, it is important to keep a tab on how often we are updating and how we are employing users to use the app. In simple words, I can say there are numerous things in the app which are every form of communication."