| 20 Aug 2022
Pandora's 'drive' to reach more consumers

MUMBAI: San Francisco based transportation giants Uber announced partnership with one of the leading streaming services Pandora, on Monday. The deal involves integrating Pandora’s online radio station into Uber’s app.

The move allows Pandora to reach out to Uber’s 450,000 customers across United States, Australia and New Zealand. The program would be ad-free for the first six months. The company already possesses a deal with Spotify for customers to select and play music during rides. With this deal, the company will focus to relaunch the program and provide Pandora as an option for passengers.

In India, the taxi-booking smartphone app collaborated with local streaming player for a similar initiative. Under the deal, the Uber passengers will enjoy access to Gaana+ subscription for first two months, across Mumbai.

With reports of Pandora penetrating to Indian market, the existing Uber’s dominance in metropolitan cities would make it easier for the streaming service to create an user-base and expand on it.