| 18 Apr 2024
Coldplay's new album on Spotify; a week after initial release

MUMBAI: Coldplay will release their new album 'A Head Full of Dreams' on Spotify after one week of initial release. Coldplay suppressed their album ‘Ghost Stories’ from Spotify for four months after the physical and digital versions were released. And for ‘Mylo Zyloto’, which was released before 'Ghost Stories', Spotify had to wait for three months.

The announcement was confirmed by a spokesperson on Coldplay’s Spotify page, which stated,” We will be available from Friday 11 December. Come back then to listen.”

‘A Head Full of Dreams’ is the seventh studio effort which will be available for streaming on Friday, 11 December. Spotify has over 75 million users worldwide, with 20 million subscribers who pay to listen without advertisement.

The plan to encourage the purchase of the album over steaming seems to be working in favour of the band. According to Official Charts Company, Coldplay’s ‘Dream’ album sold 160,000 copies at the mid-week margin, which was ahead of Adele’s '25' with a margin of 2,000 units.

Spotify has been criticised often by the music industry for offering free access. Many artists have taken the decision to not stream their albums on it or have preferred other platforms. Taylor Swift removed her entire catalogue from Spotify accusing the company for paltry compensation, but her music is available on Apple Music.

The four-piece rock band also released the newest album on India's leading music streaming app-Saavn. The album has been available to Saavn Pro subscribers on the app since 4 December, 2015.

The trend breaker was Adele, who kept herself away from streaming services for her super hit album ‘25’, a marketing strategy which has worked really well for her.