| 23 May 2022
"Ticketing revenue needs to improve in India", Percept Limited's Harindra Singh

MUMBAI: It has been one busy year for Percept Live with events ranging from Sunburn to small IPs like Bollyboom, FLY, Fight Night and Windsong. Now that Sunburn Goa is happening with the top DJs, the response from audiences has been remarkable.

Speaking on the festival and about the year that went by, Percept Limited chairman and managing director Harindra Singh said, “The year has been great, there is a lot more to be done, but we are happy with the way it has all tuned out. It has been satisfying in terms of brand integration, partnerships, other IPs besides Sunburn, IPs’ like Bollyboom and FLY have performed well. All in all, 2015 has been one happening year, and we look forward to make more impact in 2016.”

Single window clearance has been in news for a while; it will make fire, electricity, entertainment and police clearances easy. Delhi got India’s first single window clearance system and work to bring in Mumbai is going on.

Singh asserted, “Single window clearance is taking time on what it is meant to be, but we are first one to be exposed to single window. We need people from the system to come forward to make it possible and when it starts working in full-fledged manner, it will work for both the sides. It will allow more artists to tour, more music festivals and more business.”

In terms of revenue, there have been three factors which generate revenue for a company - ticketing, sponsorship and broadcasting, and sponsorship contributes the larger piece to revenues.

Commenting on the matter Singh asserted, “Globally, the ratio is way different than in India, as we are targeting young people, sponsorship and broadcast is doing brilliant, but ticketing needs to go up, and we have been working on that. As we focus more on youth, the pricing is a hurdle sometimes; their choices differ for the music. India is a huge business market for the music industry; we look forward to catering more content and entertainment from around the world."