| 16 Jun 2024
First DRM AM model receiver produced in India unveiled at IBC 2014

MUMBAI: The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium launched the very first DRM AM model receiver that has been produced in India and will be used in India and globally. The receiver, which is designed and produced by Communications Systems Inc, and is under the brand name Avion Electronics of India was unveiled at the IBC.

What makes this receiver special is that it is not only a digital DRM SW, MW, but also an analogue FM and AM receiver with stereo reception. It also makes digital superior to analogue due to additional features like emergency alert capability, automatic tuning by station, more choice in perfect sound, not frequency, multimedia applications and local interactive text and media (Jouraline) etc.

At the launch of the receiver, Consortium chairman, Ruxandra Obreja said, "We are very pleased with the exciting announcement on this new Indian receiver. With sufficient orders and support it could do very well and start the receiver ball rolling demonstrating that global, green and extremely cost-effective DRM is not just the future of digital radio but a reality for listeners now."

Delighted with the interest DRM radio has created, Communications System Inc, director, Ankit Agarwal commented, "Our receiver performed very well and its audio quality, extra features and ease of use received a lot of positive feedback. IBC participants particularly liked the extended battery life of the receiver and its emergency warning capability. With small adjustments we plan to make the receiver available for order in the next few months."

After its launch at the first DRM 'pit-stop', the receiver was next showcased at the second 'Pit Stop'- Thompson Broadcast on 13 September, and later at the 'Tell and Show' event that was organised by Nautel Ltd, which is a DRM Consortium member. Suring the session- 'Building to a Billion and Beyond', representatives from Nautel and other Consortium companies from all over the world, including India, offered updates on the current digital project in India and allowed participants to test the sound of the new DRM model.