| 20 Apr 2024
9122 Records ultimate destination for international music in India: Sunil D'Sa

Amid the many record labels existing in the country, a new addition has recently happened in the form of 9122 Records founded by Sunil D’Sa. Boasting of international music as its core, the record label will serve dual purpose, one as the one stop destination to international music in Indian markets and second as a marketing services entity for international music in India. 9122 Records will also open a plethora of opportunities for local talent in the international music space. The record label was launched through a partnership with DJ Snake’s Premiere Classic Records.  In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, 9122 Records founder Sunil D’Sa speaks about his project, core identity, DJ Snake, plan of action and more.

As the founder, what is your vision for 9122 Records?

Our audiences are more evolved today and are open to consuming music of different genres and from different corners of the world. The internet led by drop in data cost has made this possible. With 9122 Records, my vision is to bring to India, international music from around the world. There’s tons of great independent music out there that somehow does not make it to Indian shores. That’s the void that 9122 Records will fill in.

9122 Records was launched via partnership with DJ Snake’s Premiere Classic Records. What do you want to say on this?

It’s a classic example to the above question. DJ Snake’s Premiere Classe stands for some outstanding electronic music! It’s classy, top of the line production and some incredible talent from around the world that Snake has hand-picked to represent under the label. But it wasn’t available to our audiences here…until now, under 9122 Records!

What is the core identity of this label?

9122 Records is the only destination in India that’s wholly dedicated to international music! No genre restrictions, no language restrictions, no territory restrictions but just great music from around the world!

Can you share the plan of action for 9122 Records?

Right now the focus is to establish Premiere Classe in India and that’s in process. The initial reactions and feedback from our audiences have been incredible! They love the music and love what Premiere Classe stands for. Going ahead, there will be music from some very exciting labels from the Caribbean, from Latin America and of course from Asia as well. This is just the beginning.

What are the marketing strategies, you are planning to implement to promote the label?

I think marketing strategies will define the label going forward – it’s going to be creative marketing; strategies that will be built on the project – so no one size fits all. For example, the on-going Premiere Classe Ticket campaign is a first-of-its-kind in India that provides the complete 5 Star experience to the fans! It’s unique and Snake loved it too. The response has been phenomenal!

Which artists are you signing? Can you reveal their names?

It’s a work in progress, will announce at the appropriate time.

Any international artists collaborations?

That’s on the cards too, wait and watch.

The label will be signing local talent in the English music space. Can you tell us more about it?

Absolutely! 9122 Records will look at exceptional local talent in the English music space. I believe there’s some amazing talent in India and but there’s no dedicated label harnessing this talent and 9122 Records will take this up.

Are you targeting regional music also?

As long as it falls within international or the English space, it will be welcomed.

Amid the huge competition and already established labels, how according to you will 9122 Records create an identity of itself?

There’s great music out there, well beyond the majors. The independent music scene globally is robust. With 9122 Records, the key is going to be curation, marketing and promotion.

9122 Records is also a marketing services entity. Can you tell us about it more?

That’s correct. I will extend marketing and promotion services to International labels in India. There’s no point having your music made available here without a marketing push. It sits on every service along with 30 million plus songs, how will it get noticed if it’s not marketed. For that dial-in to 9122!