| 20 Apr 2024
Bigg Boss 12: Mumbai Ki Rani Malishka turns radio jockey for first ever live BB Radio show

MUMBAI: Mumbai Ki Rani and RED FM star Mumbai Ki Rani Malishka recently hosted first ever live radio show called BB Radio in the Bigg Boss house for the contestants, who had a gala time with her.

Revealing about her outing, Mumbai Ki Rani Malishka said, “I go to Bigg Boss house every year, but this year, the concept was interesting. It was called BB Radio (Bigg Boss). After a very long time, I went all alone on the show, unlike last year, when I had gone along with Pritam. Also, another moment was I conducted my show there. This was very cool because I was the only BB Radio host and  people calling in was great because they were live callers and not at all recorded ones. The contestants actually talked with around five to six callers each.”

“They got callers from across the country as I had also put up a post regarding the same on my social media handle. Also, the callers asked them some cutting edge questions,” she further added.

Revealing about her interaction with the contestants, Malishka told, “The contestants came in pairs and I supposed to grill them. Deepika and Romil came up first and very clearly told that they hate each other. The next Jodi was of Somi and Deepak, among which Deepak has a soft corner for Somi, but they opted for being just friends. The third pair was of Sreesanth and K.V.”

It is not for the first time that Malishka has been on the show, but it was for the first time that she hosted a live show, all by her own.

On her experience on being on the show and the feedback received, she exclaimed, “ I got a very good feedback about the show.”

Lastly, before signing off, Mumbai Ki Rani Malishka also revealed about attending Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ reception in Mumbai. She concluded, “After shooting for Bigg Boss, my team got me ready for the reception. Though Nick and Priyanka had left half an hour before, I learnt about how happy they were and of course about the photo sessions. I literally chilled with Madhu Chopra, who was the host of the party. It was really beautiful, the food was great. I also learnt that Priyanka will be hosting Diwali party in 2019.”