| 24 Mar 2023
Bhushan Kumar calls the idea of officially making available rights of Bollywood songs to Facebook users - an inevitable stroke of genius!

MUMBAI: Following into the footsteps of Spotify and YouTube, Facebook has now entered the Indian music scene. The social media giant has entered into a music licensing partnership with some big names like T-Series, Yash Raj Films and Zee Music Company etc., thus making it easy for users to include music in posts as well as videos shared by them.

Commenting on the development, T- Series chairman and managing director Bhushan Kumar said, “We're living at a time when we're talking to one another from across the globe using audio-visual language. One video with music and lyrics connects with billions across India and the planet. There's nothing more to be said. And where do they connect? Facebook. So, the idea to officially make available rights of Bollywood songs, which can be heard in every corner of the globe, to Facebook users so they can express their feelings through their posts, memes and messages with added masala and tadka, is an inevitable stroke of genius. Now, just say it with a Bollywood song. Even better, make it a T-Series song!”
Well, while Facebook will now have tracks available for users to select and upload, T-Series has added another feather in its successful innings. After the much talked about deal with Spotify, T-Series’ tie-up with Facebook will surely strengthen the music label’s global presence. This will also add to T-Series’ race to win the honour of being the number one YouTube channel in the world by defeating PewDiePie. India’s top music label has already surpassed PewDiePie thrice, thus hinting the world of the foreseen takeover for a long time. Kumar had also requested India to support T-Series in the race to become number one.
Meanwhile, we hope Facebook’s this step, similar to Tik Tok, will give a tough competition to the famous karaoke app, while also opening the huge Indian music database to Facebook users.