| 17 Jun 2024
Turnkey to sign Baba Sehgal and Sonam Kalra

MUMBAI: After successfully promoting music couple Roop Kumar and Sunali Rathod, music company- Turnkey Music and Publishing is ready to sign its second artist. The company will take up the responsibility of pushing the track 'Going to the Gym' by Indian rapper Baba Sehgal.

Turnkey Music & Publishing Pvt. Ltd MD Atul Churamani said, "We will sign the agreement pretty soon. We will release a bunch of singles, and will publish his tracks as well." Churamani feels that releasing a single will work for Sehgal and will also keep his fans engaged. Seghal recently released another track titled 'Mere Paas Hai Mutual Fund'.

The music company, which is looking after manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion of artists who want to retain copyright of their material, will also sign a few more artists in the near future. Turnkey is currently in talks with Shubha Mugdal's pupil and Sufi Gospel singer Sonam Kalra. The Delhi-based artist, who plays with her band 'The Sufi Gospel Project', plans to release a couple of albums. "We will sign her soon and we will market and distribute her albums," he added. Kalra was also featured on MTV Coke Studio for season 3 and had released an album 'The Confluence' under 'The Sufi Gospel Project'.

For Churamani, it is a natural process to get on board a roster of artists. The company has been able to bring on artists like Roop Kumar and Sunali Rathod, their daughter Reewa, and also Music UnLtd and Barefaced Liar.  Churamani said, "A mix of various music genres open up various avenues of opportunities."

The company has tried to provide tailored services to various artists it has signed or will sign. Some of the company's services offered include manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion.

Churamani also added that pretty soon it will get aggressive in signing artists across genres like Sufi, ghazal, hip-hop, pop, electronic and others.

A supporter of indie music, Churamani will be part of the jury for the upcoming Artist Aloud Music Awards. "If there is an option for indie awards, there is a chance that the artists will catch people's attention," he said. In the past, he has also been part of the judging panel for GIMA and Radio City, amongst others.