| 28 Feb 2024
Our focus is to leverage the digital medium, developing a reach beyond just radio: Rahul Namjoshi, MY FM CEO

Since its inception in 2006, MY FM has grown extensively over the years. A pioneering brand in the radio space, MY FM is the radio business of DB Corp Ltd. The station did set up its networks across 30 Tier II & III cities across seven states, and built strong local understanding that Bhaskar Group had in these markets. MY FM Chief Operating Officer Rahul Namjoshi who was earlier heading- DB Corp Ltd ,94.3 was the Business Head since November 2017. His  expertise and experience has always helped the channel to reach newer heights.

To get a clear picture, we spoke to Rahul Namjoshi who gave insights on various aspects.

Check below interview.

Can you throw some light on the marketing strategies of My FM? What all were initiated last year? Which other strategies you feel need to be implemented?

I think marketing strategies involve a lot of scientific trial and error. There is no single formula out there that you can just buy off the shelves and implement. Till the time you are being relevant to someone, be it your advertiser or your listener, I think you are doing your job. When you become relevant and desirable, you are excelling in your job. Talking about our strategies, what we are trying to achieve is a long-term goal. It will never be something sporadic and forgetful.

We believe in constant hammering of our communication to our two TGs- Listeners and Advertisers. It might look different, but the underlying thought will be the same- Nobody understands our markets better than us. Our Brand Promise “ChaloAajKuchAchaSunteHain” is our thought initiative for any concept we work upon, be it promoting our new shows like- Mafia Stories by HussainZaidi, Fun me haiVishwas with Dr Kumar Vishwas or our new jingle, which was created in collaboration with RochakKohli and performed by Melvin Louis. Our focus is to leverage the digital medium and help develop a reach beyond just radio.

What has been your vision for My FM?

Our vision is to be the most desired media organisation which is outperforming the category, be it revenues, unique content or other initiatives.

Earlier there was a huge  decline of advertisers investing in radio. What’s the present situation? How has the process evolved?

I won’t say that advertisers are spending less, the route has evolved though. Advertiser is more conscious about ROI. We have changed our approach, we understand the client’s business challenge and then offer a customised 360 plan. It is more of an integrated and targeted plan than a heavily focused- single FCT approach. If one has to lead in the current scenario of cut-throat competition, relying on plain commercial spots is a blunder. You have to shift your focus on branded customized content.

MY FM believes in educating jocks and are focusing on product training. How is that bit going?

Training and grooming is a continuous process, it’s part of our annual training calendar where we try and get experts from India or Abroad so that our teams gets an outsider perspective. That being said, it is also a matter of one’s own style which should never be overlooked.

It's been a year that you have been the CEO at MY FM. Has everything worked according to your plan so far?

It has been a learning trajectory here at MY FM. A lot of things are under-process and a lot of things have got a very good start. Last year’s focus was on creating new and unique concepts, learning on how the market responds to new projects, establishing national presence of our RJs and constantly reminding our customers of our leadership status in our markets. So in a way, I can satisfyingly say that a lot of things have worked positively.

What is the bucket list you have set for My FM?

 In this era, where every medium has to face a unique struggle for audience and advertising revenue, MY FM has been steadily adding to its digital components with more content focusing on digital audience. We are working towards using our digital and social media platforms to extend our brand promise with podcasts, videos and live streams.

Along with this, we are constantly working towards creating new and unique on-air concepts which can be easily integrated with different media.