| 06 Feb 2023
Flipkart and Snapdeal reveal shopping trends of musical instruments on World Music Day

MUMBAI: Two of the biggest online retailers – Flipkart and Snapdeal – have revealed the customer purchase trends on the occasion of World Music Day, and the respective companies observed evolving trends among its consumers. Flipkart’s data concluded the rise in purchases of new-age audio devices, whereas Snapdeal generated a city-wise observation on the purchase pattern.

Snapdeal report suggested Bengaluru led the sales of musical instruments at 18 per cent, followed by Kolkata at 15 per cent, whereas Mumbai emerged as the third most musically inclined city with 6 per cent sales. The state-wise category revealed Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh as the top purchasing regions of the country. The six year old online retailer, headquartered in New Delhi, also reported ‘Guitars’ and ‘Bass’ were the top most selling instruments on its web portal. ‘Wind’ and ‘Brass’ instruments found most orders arriving from Bihar, whereas ‘Keyboards’ and ‘MIDI Controllers’ were most sold in Tamil Nadu.

Flipkart observed the growing trends on the new-age devices front. Along with sales of musical instruments from Snapdeal, Bengaluru also topped the chart for the sales of new-age devices, according to Flipkart. The Bengaluru-based retailer also observed 40 per cent growth when it comes to music accessories in the last six months. The reports further stated – demand for Bluetooth speaker have doubled in the same period, and the impressive rise of 60 per cent towards the sales of wireless devices makes the country one of the biggest consumers of the electronic devices across the globe.

The two e-commerce giants celebrated the World Music Day with lucrative offers for its consumers that included discounts on instruments, audio devices or a special access to the latest devices and gadgets in the market.

If Snapdeal’s observations featured the nature of instruments purchased, Flipkart focused more on the trends of devices and gadgets. It would be fair to conclude, the youth trusts e-commerce outlets for the purchases of musical instruments, and the 360-degree online retailers have so far managed to keep dedicated online music retailers at bay in terms of competition.