| 18 May 2024
17 May 2024

Dr Bikramjit Chaudhuri to join as the new Chief of Measurement Science & Analytics, BARC India

MUMBAI: Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has announced the appointment of Dr Bikramjit Chaudhuri as its new Chief of Measurement Science & Analytics.

16 May 2016

Can Saavn change the dynamics of radio in India?

MUMBAI: For a streaming service that began as a movie service in 2006 in the United States, Saavn's decade-long journey and expansion involved not

12 Feb 2016

Big FM RJs share their Marathon experience

MUMBAI: Big FM recently ran a unique campaign

04 Oct 2015

How did new entrants to the radio industry fare? Find out

MUMBAI: Acquiring a radio frequency or multiple

24 Aug 2009

FM, music industry to tune on royalty

MUMBAI: The radio and music industries in India has been out of tune over music royalty for years now, but it seems melody might be regained with the Copyright Board resuming hearings on the issue from 24 August.

Post the last hearing on 28 July, the music licensing body – PPL was granted an order from the Delhi High Court mentioning that evidences submitted by them till 28 July would be taken on record and the witnesses would be allowed to be cross examined. Both industries are now looking forward to bury the contentious issue and start afresh.

06 Aug 2009

Should FM radio dump the spoof?

MUMBAI: Humour capsules have been floating on the airwaves for eons. But FM radio in the country has just got its first jolt after Sunny Deol lashed out at Big FM for broadcasting �Son Sunny', the capsule that takes off on him and his father Dharmendra.

Son Sunny, that has been running on the station for one and half years, has been taken off three days ago. Deol is still breathing fire, but the station is yet to officially respond to his allegations of defamation.

04 Jul 2009

An ode to the Sony Walkman

MUMBAI: The Walkman, once a status symbol of the young and old alike, turned a mellow 30 this week. Owning a Sony Walkman was a statement, a statement which was much more than what today's iPods' make. There were many who saved for months to buy a walkman, and then splurge some more on those cassettes and take them along for some great on-the-go music listening sessions.

Unlike IPods, the user friendliness of the Walkman of the device may seem a little rustic – but it was the best technology at that given time.

29 Jun 2009

Women execs find their foothold in FM firmament

MUMBAI: Breaking the age old male dominance in the corporate sector has never been easy. Be it the decades old television industry or the relatively new FM stations, finding a place in the male citadel has always posed a challenge for the fairer sex.

25 Jun 2009

Budget wishlist: Tax relief, royalty figure high for FM players

MUMBAI: With the Union Budget just 10 days away, FM radio players in the country are ready with their wishlists - of long pending requests and some new suggestions that will help the fledgling industry to tide over the tough times and emerge a strong media player in the year ahead. Reduction in service tax, implementation of Trai's reforms like multiple licenses per city and rationalising of the license fee structure figure high on the agenda set out by some of the industry's foremost leaders as well as the representing body, the Association of Radio Operators of India.

24 Jun 2009

Ham radio helps combat Cyclone "Aila"

On the 25th of May 2009, a deep depression coiled over Bay of Bengal became Cyclonic formation Aila... which struck the coastal districts of West Bengal with wind speeds over 90 kmph causing immense devastation in the region. The river banks breached at several locations as incessant rains caused river waters raise to unprecedented levels inundating farm lands, submerged houses in hundreds of villages resulting in hundreds of casualties and rendering millions of people homeless.

05 Jun 2009

Labels ready music promotions of long delayed releases

MUMBAI: Friday was marked by frenetic activity as music labels struggled to chalk out music promotion plans for feature films whose release dates were hastily fixed as soon as the multiplex-producers standoff was called off.

27 Apr 2009

IPL gets the moolah in for FM radio

MUMBAI: FM radio has inadvertently turned out to be one of the key beneficiaries of the ongoing IPL tournament, in terms of advertising revenues.

The moolah is pouring in via SMS driven revenue from on air contests as well as spots. Many regional players, tied up officially with teams from their states, are whipping up a frenzy of loyalty through contests and getting listeners to participate in contests that entice with tickets to South Africa and other goodies.

20 Apr 2009

Indie labels take web route to success

MUMBAI: If anybody is being innovative in the current rapidly-evolving music scenario, it's the indie labels.

While physical sales have hit a low, the internet is increasingly being used as a medium by the gen-next musicians, producers and managers to spread the word around. The upside - it's relatively cheap, easy, and catching up among independent musicians.

09 Apr 2009

Multiplex issue strikes discordant note for music

MUMBAI: The music industry is facing the brunt of the impasse between multiplex owners and filmmakers over revenue shares. As Hindi film releases have been stalled post 4 April, music labels have either withdrawn or held back their music launches and are anxiously waiting for the strike to be called off.

Music labels at the receiving end