| 27 Jun 2022
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21 Jun 2022

IPRS celebrates our beloved composers and songwriters with ‘IPRS Antakshari’ on World Music Day

MUMBAI: What better way to celebrate World Music Day than by playing the most loved musical game on the planet – the fun-loaded Antakshari?

16 May 2016

Can Saavn change the dynamics of radio in India?

MUMBAI: For a streaming service that began as a movie service in 2006 in the United States, Saavn's decade-long journey and expansion involved not

12 Feb 2016

Big FM RJs share their Marathon experience

MUMBAI: Big FM recently ran a unique campaign

04 Oct 2015

How did new entrants to the radio industry fare? Find out

MUMBAI: Acquiring a radio frequency or multiple

02 Jan 2010

Singers muted by composers, lyricists on royalty issue

MUMBAI: Melody seems to have been replaced with rage in the music industry with  playback singers tuned out of the ongoing debtate over the proposed copyright amendments.

22 Dec 2009

Mergers and consolidations - new mantra for FM stations

MUMBAI: Is there light at the end of the tunnel for the struggling private FM radio industry in India in the form of mergers and consolidations?

The solution, that appears to be playing on the minds of several FM players might just reignite the radio industry by bringing the medium on the national advertising map but opinions are mixed about the effects of this trend on the industry.

16 Dec 2009

Gift some music cheer this X'mas!

MUMBAI: Time was when you walked into the neighbourhood book and music store and picked up CDs to give away as gifts during the festive season.

03 Nov 2009

FM industry struggles to stay afloat as Phase III looms

MUMBAI: Phase III of FM radio expansion in the country is around the corner, with 700 additional frequencies to be rolled out in 92 cities by the I&B ministry. Concentrated mainly in the districts and very small towns, the radio industry is however skeptical about the commercial viability of these new stations 

28 Oct 2009

Niche English music stations face uphill trudge

MUMBAI: Their numbers are small, but non-mass radio stations catering to a niche segment of English music lovers in metros have marked their presence in the market. However, it is no smooth sailing for these players with differential content as they face challenges in content creation, commercialisation and listenership.

13 Oct 2009

RAM faces brunt of radio broadcasters

MUMBAI: Just as it enters the third year of its existence, the industry supported measurement system for gauging radio listenership - RAM- Radio Audience Measurement - is under the scanner.

Ironically, the radio broadcasters who campaigned for and supported RAM before and during its launch are the ones who are doubting its credibility now. What has prompted these broadcasters to question RAM are the allegedly major listenership shifts in the radio sphere 

22 Sep 2009

Less noise by labels this Navratri

Music, undoubtedly, has been the most important drivers of Navratri - the nine day song and dance extravaganza - be it through live music or CDs.

The festival however no longer remains an occasion that music labels look to bank on. There have been very few Navratri releases this year, with most major labels having repackaged their older tracks for the annual event.

16 Sep 2009

Packing an online punch

MUMBAI: Labels and independent musicians in India are just discovering the power of social networking sites to promote new products..

Music in India is finding an ally in an unexpected quarter. Social networking sites, that haven of youth, are slowly becoming the favoured medium of labels and independent musicians to promote new creations and to create a buzz.

Almost 15 per cent of sales are being attributed to online promotions through social nets, if experts are to be believed.

04 Sep 2009

Music goes the nano way

Indian labels are just beginning to experiment with USB flash drives as an innovative way of selling music...

29 Aug 2009

Live music on a different beat

Live music scene in India has grown, branching from sporadic open air ground events to new age music venues.

The Indian live music scene has become more buoyant now than one can ever remember it. Though the bigger acts are marred by state differentiated tax policies, 10 PM deadlines, and overgrowing corporate dependence. The smaller live music venues are having an upper hand as they satiate the hunger of live music lovers by bringing down lesser known international acts and local Indian bands at much affordable prices.