| 18 May 2024
Campfire pays tribute to 'The Beatles' with its graphic novel

MUMBAI: Being 'arguably' the biggest rock band in the world is something which doesn't come easily. Behind the stardom there’s the hidden struggle and stories, and encapsulating their journey is Campfire’s graphic novel ‘The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays’. Recently, the Beatles completed 50 years (of being a famous band) and that’s when the idea to pen this graphic novel dawned upon the Campfire team.

Says Campfire, director, Girija Jhunjhunwala: “They were icons of the 60s but their music and their struggle is universal and something that transcends time. The book is about the early days of the group; their period of struggle, what made ‘The Beatles’ and that is what we want to bring out in our book. It shows the difficult journey that they had to go through before they could achieve fame. The narrative does not make the journey appear easy or ideal. It shows it as it was — the failures, the success, the sweet and the bitter-sweet moments.”

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