| 08 Feb 2023
07 Feb 2023

The IPRS hosts two sessions at the iconic Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2023

MUMBAI: After a two-year absence, the iconic and much-awaited Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is back to celebrate cinema, food, literature, visual art, culture, music and more.

16 May 2016

Can Saavn change the dynamics of radio in India?

MUMBAI: For a streaming service that began as a movie service in 2006 in the United States, Saavn's decade-long journey and expansion involved not

12 Feb 2016

Big FM RJs share their Marathon experience

MUMBAI: Big FM recently ran a unique campaign

04 Oct 2015

How did new entrants to the radio industry fare? Find out

MUMBAI: Acquiring a radio frequency or multiple

31 May 2013

Savio D'Souza: "There has been better awareness to copyright than before"

Even as the digital domain battles the internet piracy beast, one of the major reasons it has curbed down a bit over the years is the Indian Music Industry (IMI). The umbrella organisation of the music industry responsible for combating piracy in India has initiated stringent action against pirates in various ways, and have in some way managed to curb the losses.

10 May 2013

Rochak Kohli: "Advertisers expect a lot from radio"

Having grown as a stable brand over the years, Big FM is climbing the ladder of success with constant programming innovations and creative inputs. The network boasts of a strong team looking after all the aspects involved in taking the station forward.

22 Mar 2013

Apurva Purohit: Great Expectations in the new FM radio scenario

Radio City CEO Apurva Purohit shares her expertise on the growth of radio industry post FM Phase III in this week’s musical rendezvous:-

22 Feb 2013

Devraj Sanyal: "Film and non-film music genres should have an equal play"

Universal Music India and SAARC MD Devraj Sanyal shares his view on what needs to be done to grow the music business, especially in the non-film genre and how technology can be used to achieve his mission in this week's edition of Musical Rendezvous:

The digital revolution in the music industry has by far been driving positive growth: today it accounts for 65 per cent of our business with the remainder being accounted for by physical consumption. On a historical time clock, the shift is happening in almost no-time at all.

15 Feb 2013

Change is the only constant: Soumini Sridhara Paul has been constantly trying to innovate and provide readers with the best from the industry. After achieving much success and praise for its initiatives, the team is back once again with a special section titled ‘Musical Rendezvous’. The main objective of this section is to give our readers an inside view in the music and radio industry, directly from the experts. We would like to thank the industry experts for lending their unconditional support in helping us educate our readers.

03 Jan 2013

2012: Top 5 music labels in India

MUMBAI: Everyone is fond of music be it film songs, bhangra, ghazals, indi-pop, remix songs, fusion, bhajans or devotional, tribal, folk and qawwalis.  With around nine films entering the 100 crore club this year and an array of multi-genre albums in the market, 2012 was a joyride for music aficionados with different types of music being enjoyed in various areas. Inspite of physical sales losing its charm, audio stores did witness CDs swiftly disappearing from their shelves.

09 Oct 2012

When Indian music industry scored over piracy

Indian Music Industry (IMI) secretary general Savio D’Souza recounts to (RnM) the day when the country’s music industry stood up and took on internet pirates and achieved victory against global piracy.

MUMBAI: The story starts when the virtual world rose protested against the US Legislature’s proposed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), and Protect IP Act (PIPA) laws. Labelling them as a draconian law that would strangle the freedom of the net, the Internet went on a global blackout in protest.

26 Sep 2012

IMI leads fight against piracy

MUMBAI: Piracy is an age old problem lamented upon by many across the world and in India. Many say nothing much can be done on it. However, the Indian Music Industry (IMI) is one body that has attempted to fight against it.

Indian Music Industry secretary general Savio D'Souza came on board as a 'Special Editor' at and contributed in the fifth anniversary celebrations.

D'Souza states that fighting piracy needs two major investments – regular funds and dynamic strategy.

03 Sep 2012

Radio One is not a mass station : Anita Naidu Pawaskar

MUMBAI: Radio in India has been dominated by bollywood music with leading players following the music format over the years. While many stations experimented with differentiated content, Radio One took the risk by changing its format completely to an international station.

The station has a long history of experimentation as before it turned international, it was a pure bollywood station with Hindi music content. And years before that, it was 92.5 Go FM an international music station yet again.

23 Aug 2012

Luke Kenny: "VJs are cassette tapes of their times"

9XO programming head Luke Kenny who came on-board as a special ‘Guest Editor' at's (RnM) office shared his experiences on ‘The role of VJs in current times’ and contributed to the fifth anniversary celebrations.