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News |  11 Mar 2015 16:59 |  By Aashay Dalvi

Tarana Marwah to create two other volumes for 'Komorebi'

MUMBAI: Seldom does one come across an Indian musician whose music reflects strong influences of Japanese anime. Delhi-based Indo-Canadian- Tarana Marwah is one such artiste. Merwah recently released her first EP 'Komorebi: Volume I', which she says, "is the first in a three part series music project."

Marwah told that the four-track EP 'Komorebi: Volume I', which was released in February 2015, is an experimental electronic project that was inspired by Japanese anime music composers. “I am a huge follower of Japanese anime and the love the music and the score of these series,” said Marwah. Some of her biggest music influences, she revealed, include composers of some of her favourite anime; Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Shir? Sagisu (Bleach) and the late Japanese hip hop producer/DJ- Jun Seba, who was well known under his stage name Nujabes.

‘Komorebi: Volume II’ will be a piano solo album consisting of 10 tracks, Marwah confirmed. The 21-year old was previously a student at the Tom Lee Music Academy in Canada, where she gained her expertise in piano, having finished all eight grades of the Trinity Guildhall Music Examinations. While continuing to pursue piano at the Global Music Institute in Delhi, she is planning a June/July release for ‘Komorebi: Volume II’.

The third volume in the ‘Komorebi’ series will be a collaborative effort between Marwah and other music artistes. “This is the biggest and musically, one of the best works I have ever done. All of the music acts collaborating on the album are not confirmed; however Kamakshi Khanna Collective and Abhilasha Sinha will be on it for sure. There are about 10-12 tracks planned for it. I am looking to releasing the album in November/December,” she said about ‘Komorebi: Volume III’.

Marwah is also a part of other projects: the baroque pop chamber music Kamakshi Khanna Collective and ambient/electronic music project Tankbund, where she plays the keyboards and provides backing vocals. “Tankbund has been a huge influence on ‘Komorebi: Volume I’,” said Marwah. As a part of Tankbund, Marwah performed at the Ziro Festival in Arunachal Pradesh.

She is also currently a part of an all-female soul/pop trio called ‘River’, which performed with Farhan Akhtar Live and The Raghu Dixit Project at Sounds of Freedom last week in Delhi. Marwah is scheduled to perform her first solo gig at Depot 29 in Delhi on 20 March.