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News |  09 Aug 2021 20:40 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Thomson Andrews: ‘Cut To The Chase’ is a groovy rhythm and captivating message for all lovers

MUMBAI: Singer Thomson Andrews is back with his latest romantic dance pop song “Cut To The Chase”, which has been written, composed and sung by him.

To know more about the latest release, Radioandmusic got in touch with singer Thomson Andrews “'Cut To The Chase' is a groovy rhythm and captivating message for all lovers, celebrating life together, just as the characters featured in my fun and youthful music video”.

Check the interview below:

Tell us the story behind “Cut To The Chase”?

The song has a romantic theme and resonates a breezy tropical vibe that is portrayed beautifully via the music video's scenic beach views of goa; featuring 3 couples in love, all namely best friends of mine, featured in the video. I was inspired to write a narration of my love life through this song, a story of how I met my wife, Wilma Andrews; who is a pianist and artist herself. I had made a rough scratch of my song around the same time as my friends Joywyn & Chaahat were getting married. Our friends’ group were all going for a mini vacation to Goa to chill and be a part of their wedding too, as few of us friends were also his best men, hence we planned a special dance sequence for his wedding. This song was so apt as the dance song to perform at this special occasion and hence I completed the composition, got it produced by my friend and fabulous Indie music producer Abhijay Sharma and invited my director friend Athul Leonardo Nandhu to shoot our fun Goa trip, which we then converted into this fun music video released now on YouTube.

How is it special for you?

This song is super special in many ways for me, as it has a captivating message for all lovers, celebrating life together, just as the characters featured in this fun and youthful music video. It's also the first music video featuring my wife Wilma Andrews and me, my best friends Noel, Linda, Amoros, Joywyn & Chaahat, who are a part of my world. I wanted to write a dance pop song that narrates some part of my own romantic journey, with cleverly worded lyrics in a poetic way that makes it more relatable to all listeners. The song also talks about the beauty of togetherness, marriage, and finding one's soul mate and being inspired by my wife to write this song, has made this a composition I will cherish forever. To add to the list of reasons, it's released on my own Indie Music Label ‘Throan Of Art Music’, produced and marketed by my Mumbai based production house Throan Of Art LLC.

How has lockdown been for you?

I am a workaholic and working from home is something I’m used to, as a freelancer, for 12 years, hence there is already a set discipline and routine I follow with my time each day. From vocalizing/riyaaz to working on my singing & composing chops, learning new marketing skills and networking to increase my connections, creating new music/content, and staying connected with my fans on social media. However, I have been additionally busy for 2 years as an entrepreneur too, focusing on my Startup company ‘Throan Of Art LLC’ - a PR, digital marketing, and brand solutions firm. My life now as an artist and entrepreneur bring in an added sense of drive, passion, and determination to succeed and I’m grateful to my team who has been working endlessly creating music, shooting music videos for artists on other labels, focusing on brand building for corporates and celebrities via our PR and digital marketing expertise and network. I have also recently launched by Indie Music Label ‘Throan Of Art Music’, which I am super thrilled to build, featuring promising Indie artists across musical genres and cultures that I love. My Label’s aim is to contribute great Indian music to a global audience with a flavour of our varied & rich cultural heritage, music with no boundaries of language, culture, genres; just a pure focus on creativity and artistic liberation through music made by Indian talent.

How has music helped you sail through these testing times?

Music has kept me sane and grounded for the most part of it, besides also keeping my spirits up during these testing times of the pandemic, a sudden drop in live shows for us musicians and touring artists. I always say yes to singing, wherein ‘music’ has been my main focus, not the monetary compensations of such projects as the deciding factor. If I liked the project/music or the work of the musician/producer hiring me, I would do it, even if the budgets may have not met my expectations. This 'music focused’ attitude along with my willingness to learn, constant re-invention, unlearn at times to correct my techniques, determination, drive, patience, positive attitude, ‘easy to work with’ trait, striving for excellence during dubs, and extremely alert & attentive pitch recognition/ear training skills technically helped me do my best in these testing times. I keep myself busy, make my own opportunities and focus on what I have and my blessings and creating content, instead of looking at the downfalls or negatives.

Upcoming projects?

Well my most recent and exciting project to be associated with has been singing on the upcoming popular Netflix Series ‘Money Heist’s Season 5 Promo Teaser’, re-created by my favorite composer & music producer Nucleya, coming soon. This is truly a dream come true as this is such an iconic project. Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve had additional time to work on my music, create new content & complete unfinished projects. I dubbed for three OTT films last year and this year I’ve sung on the BGM for Ayan Mukherjee’s upcoming film ‘Bramhastra’ for music director Pritam. Besides this, I’ve sung on several Ad jingles, OTT projects, Singles and also a Nepali film song too, which will be soon be my debut in the Nepal Film Industry, all due to release soon. I also had the pleasure of composing a motivational song called ‘Badlega Ye Waqt’ few months ago, a social wellness message ideated by renowned Life Coach Ashna Dhanuka. As the founder of my Indie label THROAN OF ART, I’m working on upcoming releases of various Indie artists whom I am mentoring and also thrilled to feature and promote via my label, as I believe in their talents and their music. I have also been busy exploring my business strengths as an entrepreneur via my startup firm THROAN OF ART LLC, which is into Digital Marketing, Brand building and PR across several industries. Few of my own upcoming Indie music compositions releasing soon as singles are - Gizmos, Just one thing, Koi Aisi Yaar Bane, Heat Lagdi Ae, Be My Balliye and more. Im looking forward to having a musically enticing and exciting journey in the coming year as my team is bringing forward some amazing Indie music to keen listeners.