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News |  21 Apr 2020 13:53 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Avitesh Shrivastava unveils upcoming project with another international producer

MUMBAI: Singer, performer, and actor, Avitesh Shrivastava who is a rising star in India has a unique style in his work.

In an exclusive interview with Radio and Music, the “Yaadein” singer shared about being a music multitasker, “I do it because I love, and it runs on my blood so it comes naturally. Its all about the vibe”

Speaking about his musical journey, “Being an independent artist is a very different move compared to others, it is tough but it's all about the vision and the connection between the artist, company and the people. Overall, my life had a different exposure from music”

When it comes to international stage performance, the singer has shared stage with AKON, Sean Kingston, Wyclef Jean, and Amitabh Bachchan. He has also recorded tracks with world-renowned international artists.

When asked about how he balances his life as an actor and artist he exclaimed, “Well it all comes to me naturally, because my mom was an actress and on the other hand my dad being a singer and composer so it runs in my genes”.

So many things are happening around the globe, everyone have to stay home to be safe. During this time, the singer wanted to share a song not about depression but to give hope to the people who is far away from their love ones due to the lockdown. “I wanted to share this song in the memory, that as long as someone means something to you the distance doesn’t matter” he adds.

The “Main Hua Tera" singer has unveiled about the upcoming project he is working during this lockdown, “Lately, I’m working with another international producer. We went completely acrostic on this one, we have used just one guitar and I love that phase. This is not a noisy track but something soulful, politically a mainstream commercial and it is the perfect vision I had”

Further Avitesh signed off with a message to his fellow audience, “Stay tune and stay hanging in there. Keep supporting me in my journey and I’ll will be briging more entertainment”