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News |  30 Jan 2019 20:46 |  By RnMTeam

Worli Festival 5.0 headliners speak about their performance

MUMBAI: Worli Festival 5.0 was recent grandeur that had some fabulous performances at the Worli Seaface. Organised by Shri Sankalp Prtishtan, helmed by Sachin Ahir and Sangeeta Ahir, the mesmerising event saw noteworthy performances by A Band of Boys, Shibani Kashyap, Charu Semwal, Milind Date and others. The headliners spoke about their performances at the vibrant fest in an exclusive interaction with Radioandmusic.

Shibani Kashyap

This is the fifth edition of the Worli Festival and I have been performing ever year here. So, I am emotionally attached with this beautiful festival, which is by the promenade. The stage is set right next to the sea. You really realise how beautiful this part of Mumbai is and it is really about celebrating Worli, celebrating life and music. This festival is full of games, music, masti. It is a great time for performances to.

The key highlight of this festival is that you get to perform your original songs here. I am also performing my new song, a remake of Chandni Raatein. It’s wonderful to perform here and get the right pulse from the audience because their reaction is amazing.

It was Rahul Gomez of OMPCL, who approached me for the event. Sangeeta and Sachin Ahir are very sweet and dear friends of mine. Our association has grown with every passing year and they are very loyal about the festival

Euphony band’s Sanish Nayar

Thisis the second time we are playing at the Worli Festival. For the first time, we are going to play on the track and we are going to launch our first original track with Ben Parag, which we are doing. It is going to be special.

The USP has been arranging the songs and X-Factor we have is Flute and beatboxing. So, all the elements together are new and fresh for everyone. Usually bands don’t use beatboxing in their regular arrangements, but we have try to put more organic stuff rather than doing the same thing and following the trend.

Charu Semwal

I am really excited to be performing at the Worli Festival. There is some another vibe to it with everybody standing at the festival and enjoying the music.

I am performing all the Bollywood numbers, all up-tempo numbers that I can dance with and ask them to also dance along.

This is the second time that I am performing at the Worli Festival. I had performed here two years back.

Milind Date

Worli Festival and I have a very long association. I have been performing every year here and I am very happy and proud to be associated with the festival. Sachin Ahir, Sangeeta Ahir, Shri Sankalp Prtishtan and Rahul Gomez of OMPCL have done a fabulous job of putting this festival together. I am honoured to be a part of it.

Hrishikesh Chury

I had a great time performing at the Worli Festival 5.0. I had also performed in the past. Not only the vibes but also the audience response was quite positive at the festival. I thank Sachin Ahir and Sangeeta Ahir for inviting me to perform at the event.

Tarannum Malik

I had a blast performing here. It is my first time at the Worli Festival. Today’s day is itself special as it is Republic Day. I had a very good time, obviously, because I sang Vande Mataram. The audience response and Republic Day’s feel took my performance to another level.

Angrezee Biryani Band

This is so different it’s in the open and the sea is just besides you. There’s always a difference between performing outside and performing inside an auditorium. It is fun here.