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News |  13 Jul 2018 12:45 |  By Zinal Dedhia

I don't want to be labelled as Harbhajan Mann's son: Avkash Mann

MUMBAI: Releasing ones own single not only needs hard work and patience but also requires confidence and guts to face the results. Avkash Mann is one such aspiring artiste who is very confident about his first single.

Son of Punjabi music sensation Harbhajan Mann, Avkash is very passionate about music, acting and writing. Well trained in all the three fields, today he will be releasing his debut single Away, which is sung as well as written by him.

In spite of having a successful musician as his father, Avkash decided to embark on his own journey. “My motive was to take my own step and present his art to the world. I have been getting both movie and song offers, but I wanted to have my own journey. I don’t want to be labelled as Harbajan Mann’s son. And my father was also very supportive saying that ‘you have your own identity and personality; you do not need to rely on my legacy’. I wanted to move ahead on my own terms. Success or failure should be my sole responsibility,” says the beginner.

The proud father Harbhajan Mann, is elated with the song. On his son’s debut, he shares, “From the time he was a child, my wife and I have always encouraged Avkash to pursue his studies and then explore any kind of profession he desires. As he always wanted to be an artiste, I am proud that he spent his due time training in various crafts, he is interested in. And now, he is ready to embark on his artistic journey on his own terms. My best wishes are with him always.”

Though clear about being an artiste, Avkash was not sure if it would be singing, acting or writing. “One day it hit me that I can be all three and thus I began my training accordingly,” adds Avkash.

He explained how the writing of the song happened, “I am into song-writing since I was 13, but I wrote this song when I was at the comfortable stage to understand the concept. I wrote the bridge of the song in October and one fine night, I woke up and decided to complete the song in January.”

Behind Avkash’s step towards music, it was not only his father’s support but somebody else also deserves credit. “There is an independent artiste company that promotes independent music. I sent them my song because I wanted someone who is not in my circle to give a feedback and they loved it.”

parents feedback matters the most and it did to Avkash. “When the song was ready I showed it to my dad and he loved it. He was happy that I came up with something of my own and he supported me a lot. He is very encouraging. He always wants me to work hard and be honest with my work,” adds the singer. 

Being into the musical environment Avkash has witnessed the changes in the music industry and this is what he has to say, “I am really happy to see the change in the music industry and the consuming audience today. If it was late 2016 or early 2017, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with this song. Music streaming apps and labels has made music easily accessible to the world. ”

After the release of this song, Avkash has plans to act as well as do music for the films. Probably these will be Punjabi and Bollywood projects.

The song will be launched on his YouTube channel and also be available on Saavn, Apple, Spotify and more. The song is based on the experiences Avkash and his friends went through. The story is about a person’s transition from a critical phase to a positive one.