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News |  03 Apr 2018 13:13 |  By RnMTeam

We identify the disorder first, depending on which we chalk out our therapy: India's first certified Music Therapist

MUMBAI: While we all know the wonder music can do to our feelings, emotions and brain, we have certified music therapists too to help us cure. We choose the music that suits our mood, the therapists curate a playlist sorts to cure even our auto-immune and stress-based diseases or disorders like depression, diabetes.

India’s first certified Music Therapist, Vidyashree Mandavkar shares her expertise on music therapy, “The effect music has on our brain is immense. I along with a group of doctors practice music therapy and try our best to cure illness. We identify the disorder first, depending on which we chalk out our therapy. Like if in depression, we start our therapy with a raag called Yaman Kalyan, a soothing melody.”

Vidyashree is affiliated with many hospitals and has her music played in some hospitals too, “Our CDs are played in some hospitals across India, when doctors are in operation theatres. Even our guru Pandit Shashank Katti, has developed a CD for pregnant women, as music has an immense positive effect on them.”

Vidyashree is a student of Indian Classical Music and has learned from many established musicians like Asha Khadilkar, Vandan Katti and many more. The response Vidyashree got when she practiced music, inspired her to take up music therapy, “Everyone who heard my voice would say it is such a soothing voice. That’s when I began to think the effect my voice has. Usually, music therapy is done through Indian instruments like Sitar, Shennai, but I started with vocal. A sweet voice can relax your brain and calm down the stress. I am the first certified music therapist of India and I feel proud that I was awarded by none other than Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.”

Apart from music therapy, Vidyashree just sang for her first Marathi Film, about which she is very excited, “The actor-actress, music director, everyone is new and so am I. The song Lajate Lapuni is a romantic song and ever since it has released, it has received lot positive response.” The song is from the movie Sobat and the music is by Manoj Thakur.

Check the track here -

Vidyashree has also cut many albums and currently is in process of two albums, “One is trance music and other is a fusion sort with Western and Indian classical music comes together.”

When asked who her inspiration is, Vidyashree says, “Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle both. Even one song of them is a lesson for every musician.”

Vidyashree signs off saying, “I want to do everything, practice and preach about music therapy in India. Perform, sing for movies and keep doing innovative things.”