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Interviews |  15 May 2018 15:40 |  By RnMTeam

'Gal Sun' is inspired by my personal life: Akhil Sachdeva

MUMBAI: Humsafar singer, Akhil Sachdeva has made his fans happy with his debut single, Gal Sun. The song, produced by T-Series has been a rage since it dropped online and has garnered over 5.7 million views on YouTube.

In an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Akhil spoke about his single, Gal Sun and more.

Firstly congratulations on your first debut single, 'Gal Sun'. So, how is the feeling?

Actually, I can’t describe the feeling. When Humsafar had come, I had shut myself from both my phone and social media for two-three days. Gal Sun was written four months before Humsafar. And, now the song is out, so I want to cherish the feeling as the world is listening to it.

Tell us more about the song, Gal Sun.

It’s a soulful song belonging to my genre, Sufi Rock and is close to my heart. You can say that the song is inspired by my personal life. I was going through a phase at that time when I wrote many songs including Humsafar, Gal Sun and my next single with T-Series. I had a hunger to write more and that was indeed an important phase of my life. Even if you see the lyrics of the song, Manoj (Muntashir) sir has used fresh words, which are not commonly used. The song has freshness in spite of being written four years ago.

How is the experience of working with T-Series? Can we expect more singles of you with the music label?

It is an amazing experience. It is my first single with T-Series and is shot in a big way as well as marketed in a good way. Also, this is Bhushan Sir’s favourite song. He wanted to shoot it in a good, big place so we shot in Greece. The trust of the company matters and Bhushan sir has done all he could for the song. He also wants to use it in a film. Besides, the song also has the potential to become a big hit.

The locations used in the video are visually enthralling. Where did you guys shoot the song?

We didn’t shoot at the regular locations of Greece, but shot at this beautiful island, Chania, which is an unexplored, isolated place, having countryside feel. The peaceful environment there made me believe that this is the place I have to shoot post reaching there.

The song belongs to the Sufi rock genre. Tell us more about it?

I think Sufi has been around for generations now, besides rock is a rendition of how you present your music. I’m one of the few artists who has actually introduced the Sufi Rock genre, where Sufi means singing from the heart and Rock is the way of presenting it to the audience. I call my music Sufi Rock because it is pure as it is sung from the heart and has no involvement in my brain. I believe, if you don’t sing from your heart, then nobody will connect to your song.

Do you believe in experimenting when it comes to music genres?

I am just two songs old, so it would be early to say that though I want to explore. But, I also believe that an artist’s voice plays a key role in defining a song. This is the reason music directors and labels make different singers sing a song. In my case, be it a good or bad, God has gifted me with a different voice. So, if in future, music producers think that I can do songs of other genres too, then I would love to, but my only clause is that the song has to be made from the heart.

You started your music career with the Delhi-based band Nasha. Are you still associated with them?

I made the band and Nasha is etched on my hand also. It is India’s first Sufi Rock band and will always remain one. Also, it has turned eight now. I have done many shows with the band and will continue doing stage shows, both in India and abroad. Nasha has become more like a band. People know me more as the Nasha boy than Akhil. Thus, when I suggested about keeping my identity as Nasha boy in that scene of Gal Sun, everyone agreed to it. When it comes to my upcoming shows with Nasha, I would do one show in May in Delhi to promote, Gal Sun as the season for shows is usually in November.

How comfortable are you with singing in other languages?

I haven’t sung in any other language yet, but yes, I would definitely love to sing, but it has to be soulful. I mean, I would love to sing in my zone, staying loyal to my genre. When it comes to singing in one particular language, I haven’t thought about it as I don’t know any other language apart from Punjabi and Hindi. But, yes with practice I will if given a chance.

You were invited to perform by the Mauritius government in their language last month. How was the performance?

So, we did this concert in Mauritius and this trip of mine was very amazing because it was for the first time, I not only performed in another country but also shot for my second single there. It was more of a government concert, attended by ex-Prime Minister and other political VIPs. The people there love my music and asked me to sing their popular patriotic song. I didn’t know the language. But, I and my band started playing it live at the concert that was also attended by the singers, who had original crooned the song. So, we invited them to join us and together we sang the song for the Mauritius audience.

Any plans of work in Bollywood as you have good acting skills?

I am really happy that it has happened. I think people have started expecting. Even my second single is acting oriented, wherein I have done a lot of acting and I am happy to offer more to people but it is too early. My acting, for now, won’t be without music, but yes, as long as people love it, I would love to act.

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