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Interviews |  02 Dec 2016 14:54 |  By Mallika Deb

I always get butterflies when I go on stage: Martin Garrix

MUMBAI: Dutch DJ Martin Garrix who is perhaps the world's youngest DJ, performed at Sunburn Arena, Mumbai on 10 November at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse. He was also crowned the World’s No.1 DJ at the DJ Mag Top 100 Awards in Amsterdam on 19 October 2016. In an e-mail interaction with, Martin shared his passion for music, his way of creating music, his greatest collaboration and more.

How does the creative process work and how do you fuse various elements and various styles? How involved are you with your own music?

My creative process is different every time. All kinds of things can inspire me. It mostly starts with an initiative in my head that I will expand on. It is great seeing a song take shape.

What is your take on the youth who are inclined to electronic dance music? Do you think people are growing their musical knowledge over time?

I think it is great that so many young people have a passion for music. It is something that unites us all over the world.

You have played in India couple of times and internationally too. What is your favourite venue? Does it make any difference when you are playing in India?

It is difficult to choose because I have loved all the shows over there. However, like I already said the last show of the India tour in Kolkata was a very special one.

Music influences you would like to mention? Any favourite artist you are currently listening to?

My actual mentor is Tiesto. He has taught me a lot about music and the industry.

Do you feel nervous when you have to play in a complete different sound or before hitting the stage?

I always get butterflies when I go on stage; it is one of the reasons why I love performing so much.

You have worked with several musicians; according to you, which has been your best collaboration till date?

I am proud of every single collaboration and there is a lot of hard work in all of them. But right now I would say 'In The Name Of Love', since it has been so successful this year. We have done some crazy things because of that track, like performing at Jimmy Fallon, BBC1 Radio 1 Live Lounge and The EMAs.

You are just 20 years old. What if, after ten years, the EDM scene goes downhill. What do you think you will be doing then?

I will definitely still be making music and producing, since that is what I love to do most.