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Features |  14 Feb 2018 18:25 |  By RnMTeam

Musicians share their fondest Valentine's memories

MUMBAI: They have sung/ composed some of the most romantic songs, but let’s have a look at their fondest memories of Valentine’s Day.

Arjun Kanungo: The fondest memory of Valentine’s Day I have is my first celebration of Valentine’s Day. I must have been in the eighth standard and I was in a relationship, so I ordered food from three of her favourite restaurants. It was my first experience and first times are always special.

Favourite Romantic Song: Pehla Nasha from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Vasuda Sharma: Last year on Valentine’s Day and my now Husband, Rupin, directed my first ever music video of my electronic Act, Miss V called Unavailable. We spent the whole day work and shooting together and it was one of my best Valentine’s Day.

Favourite Song: Phir Le Aya Dil from Barfi

Clinton Cerejo:  My fondest memory of Valentine’s Day takes me back 23 years ago. My now wife Dominique and I were not yet seeing each other. And this was the day I asked her for the first time and we went to the most happening place then Club Nine in Pali Hill. What made it super special was that I just had 1000 rupees on me, both of us ordered B 252s and blew up every single rupee. It’s been 23 years since then but that Valentine’s Day stays special even now.  

Favourite Song: When we dance by Sting and Feels Like Heaven

Ambili Menon: Honest confession: I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to Valentine’s Day - like I don’t necessarily believe in having just one day of the year to “celebrate” love, so to speak.

But that being said - I was 17 and it was my first year in a hostel! Of course, I was homesick and “lovesick,” - craving to meet that first boy who’ll sweep me off my feet! Ha-ha! My best friend surprised me by decorating my hostel room with balloons and confetti, bought me a cake and had cheered me up saying “Who needs a boyfriend when you have an awesome best friend like me?!”

Since then, I think, I celebrate Valentine’s Day as just a day of love. Not necessarily between couples. The love of a best friend, the love for a parent, the love for my two furry four-legged dogs!

Favourite Song: Eternally, Pehla Nasha

Vayu: I am having the best Valentine’s Day today. Having a blast while eating Biryani at Oh Calcutta with my girlfriend. This is the best one I can think of.

Favourite Song: Tumi Amar Umi Amar Chirosathi (Bengali Song)

2) Chupke Se (Saathiya)

3) Kankad (Shubh Mangal Savdhan)

Aaman Trikha: Though it's a very popular day to express one's feelings for the other person, I've mostly found myself expressing it through singing songs onstage for my audience and as I'm performing my gigs mostly during this time of the year. So, I can say I romance the microphone more than anything else ha-ha!!

Favourite Romantic Song: There are many favourites but one song is really special that's Tum Ho from Rockstar.

Pranay Rijia: Well, when I was dating my now wife and we were in college. I was a broke student and didn’t have money to buy her gift. I brought a blank cassette, wrote, composed and recorded that song on that cassette and gifted her. She was happy and very touched. That stays my favourite memory, because what better a composer gift but a song.

Favourite Romantic Songs: Pehla Nasha in Hindi and Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Rochak Kohli: 14 February takes me straight to the green streets of Chandigarh (where I spent most of my younger days). The onset of spring and trees blooming with bougainvillea. I being from a boys school (St Johns Chd) and then a Boys college (DAV) always thought of V day as a waste of time and I would rather keep indoors, just to save on the embarrassment of not having a girlfriend, until I had one. Although the irony is that I still had to keep indoors just to save on answering those embarrassing questions my folks would ask. I would sit in my room and make songs, Which I thought were really cool but which couldn’t see the light of the day.

Favourite Romantic Songs: Sathiya from Sathiya