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Interviews |  10 Nov 2011 19:21 |  By swapanjari

Khurafati Nitin: 'I always wanted to be a bollywood villain, not a RJ'

RAPA and Promax award winner Jonathan Philemon Nitin Brady, better known as Khurafati Nitin has been entitled as the most popular radio jockey of Delhi by Ormax Media. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, RJ Nitin has been associated with leading radio brands of the country. He started his career with AIR in 1999 and then moved to Radio Mirchi , Red FM and now leads the evening show for Fever 104 FM.

Known for his humor and heady cocktail of pranks, RJ Nitin shares his aspirations to be a bollywood villain, love for music and decade long experiences of Rjing with

Have you always wanted to be a Radio Jockey?

I started my radio career 11 years ago with AIR. Initially I never wanted to become a radio jockey; I always wanted to be a Bollywood villain.

Why did you aspire to become a Bollywood villain?

Since childhood I wanted to be a Bollywood villain. In fact that's the reason I shaved my head. Actually, in every film you see, villains are always so different. They are absolute new characters. Heroes are usually the same, all of them wear the same kind of clothes, have normal names. How boring! And, villains? Mogambo, Gabbar Singh, Dr Dang, Shakaal, Bad Man. Their name says it all.

Then why Radio Jockey as a career?

First is that, now I get paid for what I used to get scolded for as a kid i.e., talking and secondly, playing loud music! I am a die-hard music lover and Fever actually stands by their tagline It's all about the music... and that's what keeps me going as well. The kind of music they play, their understanding of what their listeners demand, choice in planning the playlists, programming content etc are incomparable. They keep coming up with new stuff which gives a breath of fresh air within the industry. I feel way more connected to my listeners now; which is a very big thing for me because they are the sole reason for my existence. I have been in this industry since the past 11 years but the bond I share with my listeners now has a different depth to it.

What is 'Khurafati Evenings' all about?

'Khurafati Evenings' is a very chilled out show and the sole aim is to entertain listeners after a heavy load of work and hectic day. It has only one motive 'To make audience smile.' So the preparation is tough as it is not easy to make someone laugh.

You have been named as most popular RJ by Ormax, Comment.

It feels great; I'm overwhelmed by the title and the results that Ormax has declared. We have been receiving rave reviews for Khurafati evenings, and would love to thank all my listeners .

Does fame/recognition bring in additional responsibilities and expectations from the listeners?

It's a big responsibility. We receive so many calls and requests everyday from listeners and addressing to each one of them is a task. I try and do the best I can in every show that I do. I don't measure success in terms of how many people recognize me but in terms of whether everything I say on air has an emotional connect and a humorous element that brings a smile on everyone's face after listening to my show.

What the USP of RJ Nitin?

I don't make any special efforts on the show. Frankly speaking it's not very difficult to entertain your listeners.  The problem is that many find it difficult to do the simplest thing on earth, â€?being yourself, being true and just being honest to your listeners.

The fun elements in my show just flow as soon as my team sits down to brainstorm. I must admit that I just love coming up with new fun elements for my listeners. It makes me feel good that I'm doing something that entertains them. In fact sometimes I say something, which I think is pretty serious, and people start laughing, and I keep asking myself Why is everyone laughing ?

What are your views on the current music scenario for independent artiste?

I feel the current scenario for independent artistes is much better, there are better platforms, and a lot of Bollywood music directors today are willing to give new artistes a chance. Moreover, talent hunt contests like Fever Jam promote upcoming artistes and give them a platform to showcase their talent.

How important is it for an RJ to be seen along with being heard?

Of course!  I don't know why some people in the industry think that there should be mystery around the voice people hear on air. I feel listeners have a right to associate a face with the voice they hear every day.