| 15 Jun 2024
Our self-service platform, 'BuyAdsOnBIGFM,com' encourages advertisers to continue operations seamlessly by booking ads online: BIG FM CEO Abraham Thomas

As the entire nation braves through the impact of the lockdown, various corporates are relying on different trusted digital platforms that have come to the fore in helping industries and employees to continue operations in an uninterrupted manner. On its part, BIG FM is facilitating advertisers and entrepreneurs to book ads online through their distinctive self-service platform ‘’.

A market leader in its space, Big FM’s portal helps advertisers make requests for jingles, strategize media plans, place orders and transact online without any distress. The platform is a testament to the radio network embracing technology and implementing innovative solutions to stay ahead of the game.

To get a clear vision  BIG FM CEO Abraham Thomas has explained giving a glimpse into it.

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Was it a conscious decision to give this platform a boost during the lockdown time?

Adopting the very latest of innovative solutions and turning into a digital-first company is the need of the hour, given the current predicament that industries and companies around the world are facing. Our self-service platform, ‘BuyAdsOnBIGFM,com’ encourages advertisers to continue operations seamlessly by booking ads online. With working from home is the new normal, we have offered an easy-to-use platform that makes operations hassle-free. In this time, it is important for business to run, keep the economy going and we are happy to have played a pioneering role through our BuyadsonBigFM,com platform.

How is BIG FM taking the help of technology to ensure a smooth flow of business?

We were the first radio network who brought in mandatory work from home policy by completely moving to a remote working model across each of our 58 stations across the country. Thanks to our disaster management plans and in-built contingencies, we were able to shift seamlessly and work from our residences. Our RJs are doing their shows from their homes using their sound equipment systems connected via VPN. Our support teams are also equipped to service client requirements from multiple remote locations maintaining the highest level of sales servicing, creative solutions, scheduling, traffic, billing, and collections. We also started the Morning Show ‘Onward and Upward’ where leaders from within and from the industry conduct sessions for employees providing insights and guidance on the way forward. By embracing technology-led solutions, ‘’ is another step towards ensuring smooth operations between us and our advertisers.

Could you throw light on the process of how will be Ads be booked on BIG FM?

‘’ is simple and easy-to-operate a platform where an advertiser can choose from different packages available as per their requirement. They can choose from a host of city-specific to regional and national plans through different kinds of packages. Advertisers can make requests for creative solutions, jingles, strategize media plans, place orders and transact online. They can also avail of various discounts and schemes on offer as well.

How long do you plan to take this ahead? is not intended for advertisers to benefit from only during the current national lockdown. It is a platform that they can use going ahead as and when they require to book ads with us. Our intent is to make the process extremely easy and convenient for our advertisers by being available at the click of a button. We see the SME’s and the long tail of radio advertisers benefitting from this on a sustainable basis.