| 18 Jul 2024
Top RAM standings remain unchanged

MUMBAI: According to RAM data for the 47th week, private players - Radio City is still leading in Mumbai and Bengaluru, while Fever FM and Radio Mirchi are still leading in Delhi and Kolkata respectively. However, Big FM holds the second place in three cities- Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, while Radio City has moved to second place in Delhi.

The TARP of Radio City in Mumbai is 1.4 per cent and holds a market share of 19 per cent. The show 'Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi - RJ Gaurav' of Radio City is doing well this week and leads the table. It is followed by Big FM's 'Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor' and 'Breakfast Show - RJ Siddharth'. In Mumbai, Big FM holds a market share of 17.5 per cent, followed by Radio Mirchi, Fever FM and Red FM which hold market shares of 13.8 per cent, 12.5 per cent and 12.1 per cent, respectively.  In Mumbai, the TSL of Fever FM is the highest among the private players, followed by Big FM.

In Delhi, Fever FM has held its ground with 19.5 per cent market share. Meanwhile, Radio City holds the second position in the capital city with 13 per cent market share which saw a 0.7 per cent rise this week as compared to last week. Big FM is also standing strong in Delhi, maintaining a market share of 12.7 per cent, the same as last week. Fever FM shows- 'Full on Punjabi - RJ Avinash' and 'Evening Drive-Nitin', are two shows to have made it to the top ten list this week, followed by Big FM's 'Dilli Meri Jaan - RJ Deepak'. Fever FM also has the highest TSL of 5.15, in Delhi.

Radio Mirchi is firmly holding its ground in Kolkata with 20.9 per cent market share, followed by Big FM and Oye FM with market shares of 17.2 per cent and 10.2 per cent, respectively. Although Radio Mirchi leads in Kolkata, the TSL for Big FM is the highest with a TSL of 5.2. The top five radio shows in Kolkata include- 'Kaali Kotha - RJ Jaganath'(Radio Mirchi), 'Breakfast Show - RJ Mir'(Radio Mirchi), 'Breakfast Show - RJ Khas Koushik'(Big FM), 'Raater Otithi - RJ Neel'(Big FM)  and 'Coffee House Classic - RJ Riya' (Radio Mirchi).

Radio City has still maintained its position in Bengaluru with 24.2 per cent market share and with the highest time spent listening in the city. Big FM, Radio Mirchi and Fever FM hold the same place like last week, with market shares of 24.2, 21, 17.9 and 10.6, respectively. In Bengaluru the top five shows are Big FM's 'Big Coffee - RJ Shruti' followed by 'City Mathu - RJ Rachna'(Radio City), Hi Bengaluru - RJ  Smitha (Radio Mirchi), 'Shubhodhaya - RJ Sowjanya'(Radio City) and Love Guru - RJ Love Guru(Radio City).