| 22 Jun 2024
The respect for music is missing, people like to play without paying for it: Rajat Kakar PPL

MUMBAI: Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) India managing director Rajat Kakar brought to light, how music in India, doesn’t get the respect it deserves. He was speaking at the panel discussion – Revenue Streams V2.0 The Will Power The Growth of Indian Music Industry, which had other panelists like Sony Music SYNC director Kiran Dcruz, Sagarika Music CEO Sagarika Das and Zee Music Legal team head Sankalp Dalal. The session was held on the second day of FICCI Frames2019.PPL

During the session, moderator and Indian Music Industry President Blaise Fernandes quizzed him on where India is lacking in terms of public performance as the country stands at 11 when others like Brazil is 106 million less, Japan is 148.

On this, Rajat answered, “I think the potential for a big performance in this country is missing. Brands are not aware of the music. When we go to a party or any place where there is music. We Indians love music. Every establishment, event just can’t groove without the music that is being played. Unfortunately, the respect for music is missing and most people would like to play music without paying for it.”

“Every day, we are getting challenges from people saying, ‘why should we pay for music?’ We are surprised that people, who spend millions on weddings ultimately ask license for playing free music at that wedding party after having paid everybody, including designers, set people,” he further revealed.

Kakar also told about a recent survey done by PPL. He shared, “We did a recent exercise where we mapped potential of what this country is capable of paying and the number of hotels, events that have happened. You will be surprised as the actual penetration of people paying for music, when using it either as or for an event is not even 10%.”

Stressing on the importance to respect music, he further said, “We need to respect the music that is coming out and that eco-system when it comes out. We can use the state, we can ask for government help. Music should be as respected as anything else, we are proud of. People call it our soft power.”

“We should be 10x than what we are today. Music and food is taking India to the world. I am also equally confident that if there is anything that holds the power in the growth of the music industry in India, it’s going to be the safe stream. This is the area, which is already getting used, I don’t have to convince people to use music. People are already using music, they need to pay for it,” he further said on the potential Indian music holds.

On PPL’s part in growing the value of music in India, Rajat Kakar said, “We are doing the tarrifs and licensing. India is a big market. I don’t think one size to its all kind of licensing will work. We will also be working towards them. But, I think if there is anything that is going to grow the music industry from 19 to the single digit position, then it is going to be the stream.”

Lastly, Rajat Kakar defined PPL in 140 words, “We offer entrepreneurs’ music for commercial usage for promoting them. We offer single a window licensing for commercial usage of music to promote your business.”