| 20 Apr 2024
The Indian Performing Right Society Limited goes cashless

MUMBAI: In an endeavour to ease out systems for first-time members, Indian Performing Rights Society Limited (IPRS) has decided to go cashless and take the digital route. The system to procure a license is simplified. The aspiring member needs to go online, fill in the application form, register and make the payment. Following this, the license will be delivered to him/her.

IPRS is the only government authorised body that protects the rights and interests of authors, composers and publishers in respect of musical and literary works (lyrics), and issues licenses and collect royalties for them too. This new move is in alignment with the strong ‘Digital India’ campaign by the ruling government and is taken to ensure transparency and simplification of processes. This will also remove any possibility of negotiations.

At the recently held Indian Music Convention, IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam shared how IPRS is trying to reach out to every state of the country and understand the problems of their respective artistes. The organization has started with Southern India and has already visited states like Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.  Sharing the stage with President and CEO Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) Rajat Kakkar, Rakesh also shared that the United Kingdom and other countries were much ahead of India. Both of them shared, how there were over 80000 events last year and only 10% of them were licensed. They urged the event organizers and artistes alike to geo-tag the events for awareness.

 With its Registered Office at Mumbai, IPRS also has administrative offices in 10 cities across India.