| 19 Apr 2024
The Indian Radio League! Is it that difficult to do an IPL for Radio?

Can't formatted Radio borrow the format of success from the IPL? What's so different about the IPL? It's 200% entertainment. 20 overs with more runs scored than the balls bowled. Can't this be replicated for radio? More activity out of every second of airtime. And the I & B Ministry has done us a favour by restricting news. Who needs to create news when you can give the listener pure entertainment! So let's go - bam!

Let's knock off those looooooooooooooong 3 minute breaks…oops I don't mean let's not play ads. Let's give a new meaning to those ads. What stops a radio station from announcing a Kit Kat break every time the jock announces a traffic jam at M.G.Road. Only the City changes – the jam remains the same. Can't find Kit Kat to sponsor the traffic  – ask a Jam maker! (Oh sorry the jam guys don't have the money) Fine, what about Sprite – clear hai… Agar aapko S.V. Road par traffic clear nahi milta to bas Sprite peejeye baaki all bakwas hai – aur phir alternate route ke liye Tulsi Pipe road try kijiye, Clear Hai!... Add a bunch of good looking cheer girls in see through mid-riff showing colours to stand there on Tulsi Pipe road distributing Sprite. Your radio station is going to hit a clear Six for that over.

What next? There's a purpose to everything that everyone does in the IPL. So let's re-define the purpose of Jock talk? Is he/she hitting a six or a four off every link that he faces? What does he/she need to do for that? Remove all the meaningless fluff – cut to the chase. 40 seconds of pure entertainment! Orange caps for the highest run getter. And penalize the ones giving you a low over rate. Don't you think some of them are over-rated anyway! And every time your Icon player (morning breakfast show host) wants to quit sell him/her to your rival radio station for a price!

Now, let's call the celebs and re-define what they can do for us. Salman Khan wants to take off his shirt – give him a shirt sponsored by Charag Din…don't have a shirt, give him a vest, give him Rupa ki chaddi! He could wear it on his track pants. It's radio – come on the moral police shouldn't mind! Now, why don't we make him run on the streets for the street children. Let him carry the title sponsor's flag. Tell the OB jock to run with him. Can't run… at least cycle with him on Atlas, Hercules or BSA whoever sponsors. Shoot it on a handycam (if it's Sony charge them for it) upload it and put your radio station's website to better use!

And now, does it really matter which radio station wins the RAM ratings in a city. Let's give each radio station a home ground within every city. Let the radio station choose if Kandivali is their home ground or Mulund. Give all your listeners those flags. Don't have flags and not sure if they'll come out on the streets to cheer you. Ask them to send you an sms – we do that anyway, with meaningless opinions. May as well ask them which radio station they would like to vote for.

Believe me all you have to do is, do this for one day – 20 hours of live programming 4 hours of celeb bytes, sponsored tags, giveaways, (not to mention Lalit Modi's motivational speeches, Shashi Tharoor's denials) and we are in the league of that extra-ordinary sport. Of course, you can add a dash of sweat equity to the local traffic police, IT department, Municipality, Bus service, local train service…and the T20 of Radio is here. Try this for your radio station's anniversary. Check what happens. And please send me a cheque as royalty for the ideas I've shared with you. I am sure there are crores more out there. It's just how you fine tune your frequency!

Ravi I Yaar is currently revelling in his exalted position as PA announcer for the IPL matches in Mumbai, hence the above observations! No channel or medium is responsible for his views and opinions – you can follow his advice at your own risk on