| 14 Jul 2024
MY FM's 'key to successful' 10 years in Ahmedabad

MUMBAI: DB Corp Group's MY FM that leads the retail market completed 10 years recently. To celebrate this occasion MY FM CEO Harrish Bhatia organised a four-day program 'Jalsavaad'. The show was a huge success with a huge turnout and some mind-boggling performances by well-known entertainers like Raju Srivastav, Paresh Rawal, Kirtidaan Gadhavi, Kumar Vishwas, Rahat Indori, Sampat Saral, Ramesh Muskan and Dinesh Bawra.

This large scale event also witnessed a 360-degree marketing campaign that involved print, hoarding, digital along with an experiential marketing at Ahmedabad airport where a gift hamper was distributed on conveyor belts.

“The main objective of this program was to thank all the stakeholders of the city who have been associated with MY FM for all these years,” said a source from MY FM.

The stakeholders are important pillars of any business, but 10 years of success definitely has more than that to convey. Thus, we at contacted Harrish Bhatia to bring you a low-down of MY FM’s journey over these years.

Bhatia has never looked at his sole growth; he has always focused on the larger picture which is the growth of the radio industry. Thus, every step he took was in this direction. “My agenda is to expand the industry because as it expands, I will automatically grow in all circumstances.”

At present MY FM has a strong hold in the retail space, but things weren’t the same initially. They did go through some tough phase and Bhatia looked at it as a learning process. This was also when MY FM decided to design the programs according to their listeners choice. From selection of songs to type of RJ’s, from programs to different segments going on-air, everything revolved around the listener. Test runs kept on happening before and after the launch.

The radio station was finally designed into local news, interactive sessions. There was also a list of new release songs as a part of people’s choice, there were story-telling segments and more. The RJ content was designed to be 60 per cent Gujarati and 40 per cent mix of Hindi and English.

MY FM has witnessed changes over the years, but it continues to take feedbacks and run surveys. “We undergo two types of process, once quarterly and the other we do every month. So whenever there are new songs, we call out the listeners ask them to listen and rate it. This is a consistent process which we still keep doing,” stated Bhatia.

A compelling fact that Bhatia took under the limelight is the tug of war between radio and the government. “Our complaints to the government are never ending. Neither does the government understand the challenges, nor are the players solving the challenge. So in this case, we can keep doing our job with best performances and when the government comes back, ask them for support,” ended Bhatia.