| 22 Jun 2024
Exclusive: Neelesh Misra makes comeback as 'writer' with 'Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Season 6'

MUMBAI: Popular radio jockey, lyricist and writer, Neelesh Misra is all set to introduce the sixth season of his popular storytelling show, Yaadon Ka Idiot Box. With this season, which will start airing from 30 September 2019, Neelesh will make a comeback as a ‘writer’.

“The exciting thing about this season is that I will make a comeback as a writer. I will try and write as much as I can because after Season 1, I have barely written,” exclaimed Misra in an exclusive chat with Radioandmusic.

On Yaadon Ka Idiot Box entering its sixth season, Neelesh expressed, “I think six seasons is a long time for any artist. I am grateful and privileged that our audiences have not shown tiniest of reduction in their love for the show, which has grown tremendously. I realised that every artist has a shelf life and a memory. Hence, to be able to get the opportunity to continue telling stories is fascinating. I hope it continues for many more seasons.”

When quizzed about how different is Season 6 from the previous five seasons, Neelesh Misra took us down on a lane of nostalgia with each season having a story.

He commented, “If you see the progression of all the five seasons, the first season had only me writing all the stories. For the very first time in my life, I had written stories as well had gone in front of the mike. It was an incredible opportunity for me as an artist and very challenging too.”

“In the second season, a lot of other young writers, who wanted to write for the show, came forward. But, I told them that since I am not in the business of buying stories, we could help each other write better stories. We, therefore, had set up the ‘mandli’ i.e. the second season in which, writers brought their stories and we all used to discuss and make them better,” he further shared.

BIG FM’s popular radio jock further told, “There was one season when we only did love stories. Later, we diversified to other genres like comedy etc.”

While the first five seasons managed to create a fan following owing to the captivating and relatable stories told, with Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Season 6, RJ Neelesh Misra wants people to understand somebody else’s perspective.

Misra explained, “The show, at its heart, will still be about everyday India, Indians, about relationships, nostalgia etc., but we want to hopefully nudge a listener to become the ‘other person’. He/she will be able to see the world from other people’s point-of-view.”

“We don’t want to give up on what people have loved about the show for the sake of a new season, but want to build on it. For example, if there is a person from the North-East, who might not be understood in some parts of the country as there is discrimination, but what if we place that person in the South as the centre (protagonist) of the story. Due to this, a lot of people, who are not able to become the ‘other person’ or understand other people’s point-of-view, will be able to do it through our stories as they will get a new perspective. This is of a great interest to me as a communicator with a great social focus. I am very mindful of the power and responsibility of communicators and want to live up to it,” said Misra while highlighting on the how the show will introduce a ‘new perspective.’

The popular radio host also mentioned about ‘The Friday Challenge’ and how they are planning to go about with this superhit element of Yaadon Ka Idiot Season Box 6.

“We would love to include listeners in the superhit element of Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Season 6 called ‘The Friday Challenge’. In this concept, which we have one premise and six writers writing six different stories, we want listeners to not only engage but also contribute in the making of stories. Of course, the stories will be worked upon in detail by Hindi writers, but the listeners will get credit for their core ideas. We would therefore love to engage more listeners and bring their lives through our show,” he shared.

Neelesh Misra, who wakes up with a nagging to write, is happy to be back in the writing mode and Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Season 6 is going to be the season for the ‘audiences’. Detailed situations created through sounds and narration by Neelesh, thus, make his award-winning storytelling show a unique storytelling concept.

Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Season 6 will air from 30 September onwards only on the popular radio network BIG FM.