| 25 Jun 2024
Ishq FM's new show narrates story of a band

MUMBAI: 104.8 Ishq has launched a new digital property called Ishq Jam with Sarthak, which has a unique concept.

The show is hosted by RJ Sarthak, who explains the dea behind it, “The show aims to narrate story of a band through its music. We sit with a band and make them jam. Every band appearing on the show will share about how they started and their songs and its evolution. They will later play their songs as well.”

“It’s a half an hour segment, which we are not only doing digitally, but also promoting on radio,” he further adds.

 The first episode of the show is already live on 104.8 Ishq’s YouTube channel.

“Nok Nok is the first Delhi based blues band that appeared on our episode. The second episode is almost ready. We are going to have another band from Delhi called Faridkot,” Sarthak informs.

Watch first episode here

The radio jock doesn’t want to stop here and has more plans around the show.

He reveals, “We aim to do Seasons of Ishq Jam with Sarthak and are planning to have about four to six bands per Season. We will decide our next move based on the response received to Season 1 of the show.”

Ishq Jam with Sarthak is inspired by a similar concept RJ Sarthak did while he use to work with the Delhi based FM station prior to joining Ishq.

“During prime time, we would do a live show with a band on Hit 95 FM, where the band members use to play live music on radio. This is the best type of radio show as it was very exciting to get a band and make them play live on-air,” concludes RJ Sarthak.

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