| 19 Apr 2024
Mirchi’s RJ Rochie breaks her silence about Alopecia; Slams trolls that target women with bald heads

MUMBAI: In the age of social media, trolls are inevitable. Most trollers do not comprehend the impact their comments bring to the other person’s life. Mirchi RJ Rochie who had been subjected to trolling decided to put an end to it by opening up about her challenges with Alopecia and the choices she made.

Back in 2017 RJ Rochie found out that she had Alopecia a day before she had to go on-air for the first time as Mirchi’s evening jock. She recalls being shocked and broken, instead, she pulled herself together to make a bold choice of shaving her head. Women in our society are always judged basis the pre-set beauty parameters and while it has become comparatively normal for men to lose hair, women losing hair is still a colossal question. Blame it on genetics, nutrition, or whatever, but the point remains that conditions like alopecia take a toll on women. Given that having short hair was not considered ideal for a woman, RJ Rochie made the choice to wear wigs. Today, wearing wigs has become a personal choice that she strongly stands by.

With the much-talked about Oscars ’22 that highlighted Jada Smith’s struggle with Alopecia, Mirchi’s RJ Rochie felt the need to open up about her journey as well. She also takes the opportunity to slam trollers by saying, “We all go through shit in life but how we deal with it decides if we become warriors or failures.”

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