| 02 Apr 2023
Union Budget 2019: As radio industry gears for transformational year, government's vision on further accelerating Digital India program will help, says Radio City CEO Ashit Kukian

MUMBAI: The Union Budget 2019 is the current hot topic in the country. With major focus to common man’s needs, farmers and digitisation, the budget has done justice to every possible sector of the country. Radio City CEO Ashit Kukian has also spoke about the budget that marks Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s last Union Budget before the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in May 2019.

“With the radio industry gearing up for a transformational year with the convergence of media, technology and telecom industries, the government’s vision to further accelerate the Digital India program will help streamline this transition positively,” says Radio City CEO Ashit Kukian.

He further spoke while highlighting the key developments of the budget, “The Interim Budget 2019 has indeed lived up to the expectations of the common man with an estimated 12 crore farmers, 3 crore taxpayers and 30 crore labourers poised to benefit from the provisions. The pro-growth budget addresses key factors such as lessening GST burden on homebuyers, rural development and providing a boost for SMEs.”

Kukian is hopeful with the presented budget and says, “We are hopeful that this will increase the domestic spending power of organisations, build consumer confidence and provide a boost to our economy as we steer towards a New India.”