| 26 Mar 2023
I feel content to see my name in the 'nominee list' of Radio Connex: RJ Balaji, BIG FM

MUMBAI: Radioandmusic’s one of its kind event, Radio Connex is just around the corner and the countdown, to one of the biggest radio celebrations, has begun. Radio Connex 2018 aims to bring the entire radio Industry under one roof to honour the outstanding ones. RJ Balaji from BIG FM Chennai’s Rj Balaji, who is one of the nominees in the best RJ category, speaks about his nomination and more in an exclusive interview.

“I am happy that I am doing a good job and I feel content to see my name in the ‘nominee list’ for Radio Connex,” said excited Balaji.

When asked if he would bag an award at Radio Connex 2018, he exclaimed, “I actually don’t know. Whenever I go out on radio and say ‘There is a sms contest and send your sms immediately’, among the 30 - 40 lakh people, who listen to me, I hardly get 100 sms. The response is similar for voting these days.”

“I am happy, I am nominated in the best RJ category of Radio Connex because the list is huge and has biggies too. And if I win, I will be surprised,” he further said.

When asked about how RJ Balaji would put across his vote appeal, he said, “People are aware of the work we do. It’s up to them to decide, who the best is.”