| 04 Oct 2023
MY FM's brings 'Radio Dekhta Hai'

MUMBAI: Recently MY FM initiated a placid step towards the Traffic and road safety which was executed in various crossroad traffic signals in Ahmedabad. The activity was called ‘Radio Dekhta Hai’. This is the second year of Radio Dekhta Hai Campaign, after having a successful year last year wherein the channel had set up the booth at a major traffic junction and RJ Archana Jani was leading it in her show.

This year Vodafone came in as the presenting sponsor for the activity. The activity was executed through Mobile FM studio (moving traffic booth) at all the important junctions of the city. The six-day extensive activity created a huge hype and covered all the main junctions of the city. All the RJs drove the awareness campaign on-air as well through their FB pages.

The entire campaign was only possible with the huge support and co-operation from the Traffic Police of Ahmedabad City and dignitaries from the Police team. The RTO and the social workers also shared their suggestions as an appeal to the citizens of the city to follow the traffic rules to have smooth & best traffic decorum ever.

Commenting on the initiative, MY FM Business Head Rahul Namjoshi said, “About 17,500 accidents are reported every year in Ahmedabad, ‘Radio Dekhta Hai’ is a small attempt from our side to build awareness about Traffic and road safety. We started this initiative last year and will continue to do so in the years to come. We believe the continuous consistent effort will eventually help to build awareness. We have received a lot of encouragement and reinforcement, not just from the public but from the traffic police as well. ”