| 22 Sep 2021
Tanuja Gomes Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Furtados School of Music shares her perspective on Education Budget

MUMBAI: Tanuja wears multiple hats through the day – entrepreneur, business woman, mother and wife. The co-founder of Furtados School of Music, Tanuja’s aim is to provide quality music education to students and adults. With stress levels and depression rates rising, Tanuja strongly believes music is the healing medium everyone should experience. From a business stand point, Furtados school of music has associated with 150+ schools across India and has managed to secure $2.5+ million worth of funding from investor groups. The aim is to expand the school’s presence outside India as well.

Perspective by Ms. Tanuja Gomes, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Furtados School of Music:

“Education sector is being reshaped with the budget 2021 allocation for the sector. As we move in 2021, we are bound to witness a significant transition in the learning process which will move from the mundane and rote learning to an engaging experience altogether. National Professional Standards for Teachers- NPST will help the teachers to upskill themselves and reinvent a new way of teaching. The National Digital Educational Architecture (NDEAR) will help in establishing a diverse education eco-system that will in turn develop the digital infrastructure ensuring the autonomy of all stakeholders, especially States and UTs. Using the assessment to judge the student on the basis of their talent and skills will help students to understand their areas of strengths that can be leveraged in future to make the optimal career choice. However, the moves from Budget 2021-2022 are likely to be incremental in sectors across rather than a big push to education. The National Education Policy needed an execution plan, while 15,000 schools to be qualitatively strengthened is a great start. This will also pave way for future school; a brief plan to further attract foreign or domestic investments in Edtech would have helped, however the budget did not capture a significant change in education infrastructure, regulations and financial outlay. Overall this will help us to continue the amazing growth we have witnessed.”