| 18 Jun 2024
Although the music we play is retro, we have not defined the era of which the music is played: Nisha Narayanan

MUMBAI: For anyone who loves what is popularly known as Retro music, tuning into Redtro music was an obvious choice. The channel is now known as Magic FM and wowing the audience already with it is the unique format.

“We are in a different space and our bottom line is money can’t buy happiness. Although the music we play is retro, we have not defined the era of which the music is played,” shared Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM

Speaking about the rebranding, Narayanan says, “The only motive was to launch a network of channels instead of stand-alone. Magic FM stays same across all operating cities. We have now got a license in Hyderabad and Chennai too.”

What makes the radio station different from others is the format of shows, “We experiment a lot with the format. It’s just not music but we have storytelling, quizzes, drama. We plan to work on it further and position it with our tagline Jee le Zara.”

The campaigns for Magic FM are formed to approach it in 360-degree approach. “Our campaigns are not tactical but consistent. We intend to target a lot more and every vertical.”

Radio Jockeys or commonly known as RJs are the lifelines of Radio. Magic FM has a wide range of versatile RJs. “We have RJ Sapna, RJ Pritam, RJ Karan, RJ Sud, RJ Richa who are already on air and doing great with a steady fan following. We also have RJ Saurabh who does storytelling, a different thing on current radio space.”

The target audience for Magic FM is identified in a different way too, “Instead of 18 onwards, we have our target audience from 25 ranging to 40. We want to reach out to a wider audience.”

“Our plan is not to be a cookie cutter and stand out with our different show formats,” adds the COO.

The channel also has plans to expand its portfolio to other cities, “We have got licenses in Hyderabad and Chennai too. Hereafter, we would look forward to opening and availability of more frequencies by Government, depending on which we will expand. We would certainly like to develop further and not restrict ourselves,” concludes Narayanan.