Biz  |  23 Apr 2019

Radio City imbibes Mumbai Indians vibe as official radio partner for eighth year

MUMBAI: The entire nation is glued to the on-going nail-biting cricket season, with all the teams contending to mak

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Biz  |  12 Sep 2018

At the onset of fuel price hike, Radio City Delhi and Mumbai ke Jocks shout loud '#TelLeneGaye'

MUMBAI: India’s leading radio network, Radio City, decided to disrupt the regular programming of the station in reaction to the fuel price hike in

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Entertainment  |  30 Jul 2018

Radio City and BIG FM Patiala RJs join RED FM Chandigarh

MUMBAI: One of the rare co-incidents was observed at RED FM Chandigarh.

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Biz  |  24 May 2018

Although the music we play is retro, we have not defined the era of which the music is played: Nisha Narayanan

MUMBAI: For anyone who loves what is popularly known as Retro music, tuning into Redtro music was an obvious choice.

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Biz  |  22 Oct 2016

Social organisation Outreach condoles Shubham's death

MUMBAI: "Fun Ka Atom Bomb Hai.! Naam mera Shubham hai” was his dialogue on air. He was the popular voice of Nagpur city.

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