| 22 Jul 2024
BIG FM to create incremental value for stakeholders with a centralized competency centre

MUMBAI: BIG FM has successfully set up a skills-based competency centre at Indore. The centralised set up is fully-equipped to serve the unique demands of stakeholders pertaining to copies and sound production for North, West and Central regions of the country. This Centre of Excellence (COE) houses the entire sound team providing cross-functional support for the network, thereby creating added value in terms of knowledge sharing and productivity.

Commenting on the same, BIG FM spokesperson said, “A centralized competency centre goes a long way in efficiently catering to higher volumes of demand, in addition to streamlining multiple projects across an organization, especially in a network as big as ours. BIG FM’s Centre of Excellence in Indore has already begun full-fledged operations and is successfully delivering on various accounts. With a highly-skilled team in place, the move is a step in the right direction for BIG FM, with regard to meeting the unique demands of our stakeholders across markets.”

The centralized hub consists of highly-qualified associates who are dedicated to streamlining, supporting and implementing project requests. Since its inception in mid-December, the centre has seamlessly adapted to delivering high-volumes of quality promos, spots and jingles for brand partners. The centre caters to 42 stations and serves more than 100 requests a day, whilst ensuring efficient delivery and minimization of redundancy and duplication. The processes allow all actions to be traced back to the stakeholders involved, removing any room for miscommunication.

The smooth transition to a centralised set up has been made possible through advanced software that ensures ease-in-communication between the COE and the sales and programming associates. As far as the final output is concerned, the COE benefits with an added advantage of the cloud-based platform which provides unlimited storage support.