| 31 May 2023
Hungama Music's strategic partnership with T-Series involves ten new music videos

MUMBAI: The fact that music services have evolved and grown beyond their initial offerings comes as an encouraging element to the artists and the industry. At a time when several debates have emerged concerning the 'value' of music, corporate entities’ penetration into the finer details of music to promote themselves further debunks the myth. Music sells, and music can sell.

Hungama Music stands as one fine proof for the same. The music service has been engaging in activities to promote its identity and presence in the market through every possible profitable way. In its latest effort, Hungama Music has tied up with record label T-series for a deal that extends to ten singles.

Elaborating on the deal, CEO and MD of, Siddhartha Roy explained, “We have been doing strategic partnership for quite some time. Over the years, we have built a great relationship with T-Series. When T-Series reached out to us with respect to these ten singles, we jumped in and associated with the label for a strategic partnership.”

This strategic partnership involves integrating Hungama’s mobile app in the music videos. For example, last year’s one of largest hit singles - Dheere Dheere - featured actor Hrithik Roshan using the Hungama music app on his phone in the music video. The video received at least 150,000,000 views that means, the app appeared on the screens across the country for 150,000,000 times since the release of the single.

Similarly, the ten singles deal will feature the Hungama app in some way or another. In fact, the first single under the deal, Sukhbir Singh and Neha Kakkar’s 'Gal Ban Gayi'
- that released a week ago – provided exposure to the Hungama app in the similar way as ‘Dheere Dheere’. In any era and field of business, such strategies count as a ‘win-win’ deal.

“With the kind of production value, artists involved and the new sounds, these singles will definitely create a wave after their releases. Starting this month, these singles will be released one after another for the next 4-6 months,” said Roy about the nature of the deal.

Hungama Music is not new to strategic partnerships, branding opportunities and digital marketing of its content and products. Roy explained, “Through this we work with new talents, explore new places to reach out through marketing, branding and using content in the right manner to reach out to the audience. In the coming months, you will see Hungama Music app integrated in interesting way in these music videos.”

Roy added that the strategic partnership has a long-term positive effect too. “We are working with talent and labels and working on ways to go beyond distributing content, and ensuring the marketing and brand alliances work while bring the entire content come alive in a more strategic manner.”