| 18 Jun 2024
FM Tadka Jaipur's plans for its eleventh year

MUMBAI: This year FM Tadka completed a decade and has entered the eleventh year of entertaining Tadka listeners. The station plans to move ahead for engaging listeners and make them love FM Tadka even more. It was in 2006 when FM Tadka first launched in Jaipur. The same year three more stations were launched in Udaipur, Raipur and Kota.

Here are a some of the plans listed by FM Tadka’s National Programming Head AJ (Adbreak Jockey) Sufi.

This year FM Tadka has turned out to be the first radio station in the country that runs on democracy of music. From independence day onward, listeners have a chance to choose their own track and only those songs will be aired on radio. A listener can design music of its own. The listeners will send us a text or a whatsapp msg stating they do not like to listen to a particular song", said Sufi.

“The idea is that radio is a public medium. People listen to radio for songs, and if the jockey plays its own fav list, that does not make sense, so the list should be people’s choice,” explained Sufi.

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The team is expanding to four new cities, Jammu, Srinagar, Aligarh and Muzafarpur. For more details read: FM Tadka to launch four new stations

A new entertainer has been introduced to Jaipur listeners. RJ Arooon, the newest addition to FM Tadka has been marketed as Yeh Bade Muh Wala Hai. Aroon will be on between 2 to 5 and he will engage his listeners with various games and talk about youth and youth activities. Arooon is an experienced RJ who was initially with Fever FM.

What about changes in the audience in these years?

Sufi shared a very interesting fact. He said “When radio initially started, people had a curiosity factor - to call on radio and listen to their own voices. But now the audience calls to help people - such as giving live traffic updates in a particular area, weather reports, opinions about certain topics and more.  I would say in context to Tadka, people have started taking FM Tadka into their lives. After so many years, listeners now treat FM Tadka as a friend”.