| 28 Sep 2022
RJs turn MJs to bind and engage listeners with Big FM

MUMBAI: BIG FM on the occasion of 71st Independence Day represented the true definition of ‘One Nation, One Network, One Promise’ through an innovative video. 71 RJs across 60 stations came together to announce Big FM's new proposition of 'Hit gaane honge zyada yeh hai Big FM ka vaada'. This Independence Day, Big Fm RJs took upon themselves to provide freedom to listeners from anything that is not music. Radio Jockeys have turned to Music Jockeys engaging listeners with more songs, conversations as well as content revolving around music to provide a 'Suno Sunao Life Banao' experience.

Last year, to mark the Independence Day celebrations, 45 RJs across 45 stations united over a call to sing Vande Mataram together. This time around, BIG FM went a step ahead by binding the core thought behind it with the true spirit of unity that mirrors in its strong network of 60 stations. Connecting over a single video conference call from different parts of the country, 71 RJs created a magnificent melange of a melody signifying the radio network's devotion to provide more music.

Bollywood's acclaimed music composer Salim Merchant has orchestrated the music for the video that is a composition of famous patriotic songs. The entire sequence begins with Salim Merchant reiterating Big FM's Zyada Music Ka Vaada and RJs becoming MJs for the listeners. He then leads the track showcasing the Music Jockeys depict the promise through a medley.

Speaking about taking innovation to the next level, spokesperson from Big FM said, "Big FM has time and again fascinated its listeners with interesting concepts and this time we are taking up the promise of providing maximum Hit music. Hence, we wanted to go all out with the communication and represent Big FM as a strong network that stands by its promise. Our RJs did a commendable job by pulling off the entire thing smoothly and delivering the message impactfully. Having Salim Merchant at its core helped us drive the stint programmatically.”

Big FM to reflect its new music promise has seamlessly weaved its entire content in order to provide maximum music. Through their shows the MJs will try and cover different aspects of an artist such as their style, mood, energy, emotion and other intricate details to provide more music based content to listeners.