| 18 May 2024
What goes into the making of a 'Morning Murga'?

MUMBAI: The die-heart radio listeners must be aware of Red FM’s segment 'Morning Murga'. Surely, we all end up rolling on the floor when the RJ plays a prank on-air. But have we ever given a thought to the hard work put in the final execution?

We are sure you are all eager to learn more about what kind of research goes into creating content for ‘Morning Murga’. Therefore, we at contacted RJ Praveen of Red FM, Kolkata to understand this process better.

“I was an evening show jock with Red FM for 9 years after which I got an opportunity to be a morning radio jockey. Plus the cherry on the cake was ‘Morning Murga’. I totally love the experience,” said RJ Praveen.

Since, July 2016 the RJ has played 180 pranks on his show, ‘Morning No.1’, as he joined the show then. That number makes Praveen look like a pro at playing pranks but that’s not true. He is just a bit radio friendly. “After doing radio for 11 years if you are nervous, then you are not doing radio properly. Moreover, with this show, I wanted to set a benchmark. I wanted people to associate 'Morning Murga' with Praveen and I have been successful in doing that.”

Talking about the making of a Morning Murga the RJ explained that a team of three to four members sit together while doing making a prank call to reduce the chances of being caught. But, there is no saving one from all the abuses that start flowing in. However, Praveen knows the drill and it does not affect him personally. “We keep switching the mute button on and off as we laugh our lungs out, at an agitated call receiver. I do not take the abuses seriously as they do not affect me physically. My only moto is to keep the listeners entertained,” said Praveen.

The layout of the prank is a team effort. It takes approximately three hours to design the plot. “I have come across various pranks, at one instance a couple broke-up on the show. Interesting things keep happening in the ‘Morning Murga’ segment,” stated Praveen.

Praveen’s ‘Morning Murga’ is not only heard by the Kolkata listeners but has listeners across the globe. Praveen has started going live on Facebook with his pranks that are limited to audio. These pranks are noticed by his fans from UK, Dubai, Geneva, US, Hyderabad and more.