| 15 Apr 2024
The Central University of Jammu to launch FM station

MUMBAI: Central University of Jammu (CUJ) will launch its own FM radio station this year within the campus. The station will target the rural listeners within 15 km radius and will run on the frequency 87.4 mh.

The station programming is to air shows like regional news, government awareness campaigns, regional folk culture, music, agricultural programs, radio drama, time to tome contemporary issues and educational programs. The target listeners are not only the university students but rural residence around.

For a radio jockey, the university will organise a workshop for students not only from the journalism background but all the other streams in the university. The workshop will be held to check the students voice trace, pronunciation, news angles, and all those facts a radio jockey needs.

Vice-chancellor of CUJ Prof Ashok Amir shared his views on the need of a radio station in the campus with“Radio is a medium to reach other stake holders in the society and to exchange ideas. One can evolve and progress by connecting with the society and by knowing more about the society.”

Dr Bachababu, supervisor of radio in campus said, “Communication by radio is a movement. It can reach to the less-educated people also as radio does not need literacy. We are set up in a rural surrounded area, where we lack many things. CUJ radio station has adopted five villages and we will air more of awareness programmes. Our radio station will also give a chance to local artists to showcase their talents on radio”.

The FM station will be on air from 21 April 2017.