| 25 Sep 2023
It's #NotWomensDay for Radio Mirchi

MUMBAI: International Women’s Day is an extremely important socio-cultural and historic date for the entire world. Celebrated on 8th March every year, different regions focus on different things, from general celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political, and social achievements.

Nowhere is the relevance and importance of this day more than in countries like ours, where disparity, inequality, vulnerability and injustice dog women at every stage of their lives.

So why, at ENIL did we decide to say #NotWomensDay?

Actually, we didn’t. It just happened, while we were building an organization and a brand.

The idea for this video came from the women in this organization – during a random lunch chat, a couple of them realized that what they take completely and totally for granted while working at Radio Mirchi – meritocracy, equal opportunity, no glass ceilings and no discrimination – was not something at all common outside. It was worth highlighting – especially to the rest of the corporate world.

When this idea was taken to MD & CEO Prashant Panday he was a bit surprised. “I had never really thought about how many women I have in senior management here. We have never thought of any special privileges for one gender, except in one area: maternity leave, where we very consciously want to go out of our way. But for the rest of it – we just wanted to be a merit based, scrupulously transparent, and unfailingly fair company. If you do that, everybody benefits. Gender becomes irrelevant.”

And that is where this film was born: a fun, sunshine, laugh riot amongst colleagues who are clearly friends, who can sit around chatting amiably in their CEO’s cabin, who have a deep bond and sisterhood between themselves because of the secure space they occupy personally and professionally.

#NotWomensDay, the Mirchi film, is not an attempt to reduce the importance of this day or to undermine the struggles that various organisations and individuals go through to make equality and emancipation a reality. Rather, #NotWomensDay is a wish: that what is true within the walls of Radio Mirchi, become a reality everywhere.