| 20 Apr 2024
India Voice Fest is my small contribution to the field and my own fraternity: Darrpan Mehta

MUMBAI: They might not sing but their voices capture our hearts equally.  The voice-over or dubbing artistes are possibly the last-thought artistes, when it comes to voice industry, where in fact, they are the most heard artistes. Whether it’s an award show or a dubbed film you are watching, the voice over is connected to content. One of the most established names in the voice industry, Darrpan Mehta, has taken an initiative to acknowledge and bring all the voice artistes under one roof with India Voice Fest, scheduled on 18 November 2018 in Mumbai.

Darrpan has spent two fruitful decades in the voice industry and earned a name for himself. However, at one point he felt that there was no common platform for voice artists to exchange their thoughts, which paved a way for India Voice Fest. “This industry is fragmented and the need for a common platform was dire. With that thought, I ideated Voice Fest. I am glad that I have over 250 members on board and looking forward for more.”

The format of India Voice Fest will be like a panel discussion, but with a lot of takeaways for the new generation of voice artists. “There will be panel discussions across the spectrum-from advertising to dubbing to voice-overs. We would also some established names like Hrishikesh Kannan or some legendary names like Ameen Sayani or Harish Bhimani. These legends would be hosting master-classes and sharing the tricks of the trade too,” he reveals.

Darrpan adds, “Voice Fest is my small contribution to the field and my own fraternity. To keep the audience engaged, we have also planned for quizzes and games during breaks. Additionally, we will also have a voice expert, who will help us understand the physiology.”

The Voice industry, however, has taken a long time to evolve and perhaps the work is still in progress. Darrpan reasons why, “When I started two decades ago, there was no formal training and neither was it considered to be a career option. Today, with the booming of digital space, there are so many avenues and options, for voice artists. But as I mentioned earlier, there needs to be an exchange of ideas and a platform, where the talent can meet.”

Making a valid point Darrpan adds, “A few years ago, there were talks that voice is going to be dead as there was a surge of video format. But, now look at this new innovation Alexa. But, importance of human voice can never subside.”

As a part of tips to the new age voice artistes, Darrpan says, “A voice artist has to be an actor in his head. He or she has to have that sensitivity. A lot of new people think, just having a good voice can get you an entry. Though, with the current technology, one might get an entry, but there has to be a constant honing of skills. It is one thing to survive and other to grow.”

This industry can also be monetarily beneficial for newcomers, “You are as good as your last work done. It doesn’t matter if you have a relationship with an agency or a company for years together, if your work isn’t good, they will not consider. Similarly, you are paid equivalent to your skill sets quite like other industries.”

On a signing off note, Darrpan says, “I would like Voice Fest to be an annual property. Next year, I will be planning for a two-day fest and will also be contemplating comprehensive voice industry awards across 50 categories.”

Event details:

Where: Nanavati Hospital

Time: 9 am onwards